Sunday 10 September 2017

sensse beauty

Sensse beauty is a new brand who aim to show your inner beauty they promote being strong, confident, courageous showing passion and kindness. I quite like what they stand for and all of their new products look amazing.
Firstly I tried out their silicone facial brush, firstly how can a cleansing brush look so pretty? I love the pink and the rose gold together it looks so sleek and expensive. It also came in a pretty white box with gold writing on the front. Aswell as this there was the cutest little pink glitter makeup bag with a little pom pom.
I use this with my Clinique facial soap on a wet face moving in a circular motion. You can also adjust the intensity levels to what ever you like. It turns off after three minutes so you can check your using it for the right amount of time.

Next up is the hot and cold facial bar which is suppose to refresh and rejuvenate your skin. Reaching up 42oc when hot mode it helps the blood circulation and helps your muscles to relax. I'm always cold and love being toasty warm so this is perfect for me, its like a super hot face massage! With this also vibrating when using it helps massage your moisturiser into the skin so I always put mine on before using as I have dry skin it really helps my skin to absorb the moisturiser.
This also has a cold mode to relieve fatigue and to sooth the face. It also closes pores to encourages moisture absorbing whilst reducing the appearance of wrinkles. I cant say I've used the cold mode as much as the hot but it definitely has helped when i've had redness to make my face feel nice and calm.

I really love this brand and really want to try out some more of their products in the future.


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