Sunday 22 October 2017

*Missguided Babe Power perfume

Missguided is an online I've loved for a long time now, I've ordered from their more times than i dare to count. Over the past few years as a company they have grown quite a considerable amount.

This year the launched their own perfume "Babe power" exciting I know! I mean just look at it! Its the most instagramable perfume bottle I've ever seen. I love the pinky/ rose gold bottle as most of you know its my favourite colour! I love the packaging of this perfume, to spray you pull the ring at the top how cool is that?!

It has notes of orange blossom, vanilla, peony, jasmine, grapefruit zest, crisp apple and pineapple plus so many more! Its quite a fruity and sweet fragrance whilst still being fresh and not too heavy since a lot give me headaches its important for me.

I love what this perfume stands for to bold powerful and confident I think its a great idea. This perfume comes with 'babe power commandments'

1. Always be hot but humble
2.  always filter out the haters
3. always live life with highlighter
4. always ignore the bank balance
5. always slay the selfie
6. always were the attitude 
7. always find the bar were ever you are
8. always support your local girl gang
9. always make every outfit count
10. always be a boss babe

I think it sends out such a positive message to its consumers! 

I love that this gift set comes with a little pom pom keyring to its so cute! This would make the perfect christmas gift or even birthday present! I know I would be happy to receive it!
You can find it HERE




  1. I love the packaging of this! It sounds like it smells lovely too x

  2. I must admit I've been seeing this in a few places and I am very tempted by it.

  3. I love the packaging! I'm gonna add this to my wishlist x

  4. I love the packaging of this perfume, so original! I'm always sceptical of buying perfumes from clothing stores, but this one sounds fab!

  5. Sounds really nice and love the look xx

  6. Ooh this sounds lovely! I’ll have to give it a wiff when I next see it! X

  7. I love the look of this, but I wouldn't want to buy it without smelling it! There's not a store local to me either, but I may have to think about it now!! xx

    Jamie |

  8. i thought that said powder at first, I thought it was talc! I like the sound of the fragrance though

    Hannah @ The Northern Writes |

  9. I have wanted to try this for so long!!!

  10. I would love to smell this! Definitely a great gift to give to someone

    Tasha x

  11. This is a super cute idea for a perfume. I'm always nervous buying perfumes online though, I'm so picky!
    Anna x

  12. Aww I love the commandments such a nice idea!


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