Friday, 1 September 2017

TJ Hughes student essentials!




retro lights

retro lightd

white bedding

light bulb lights

light bulbs

It's that time of the year again when students move into halls for the first time or into their own student flat. For me I've just finished my Bachelors degree and starting my masters degree in the next few weeks. It can be an expensive time when your starting to buy all the essentials you'll need. 
I was challenged to jazz up my bedroom using TJ Hughes student essentials which are amazing and so affordable! 

I picked the pom pom duvet set I love white duvet covers, they freshen up any room and go with everything. This would be perfect in a student room, the pom pom detail add a lovely fun touch around the pillows and on the duvet. The duvet is lovely quality and quite soft to. Priced at £24.99 its really affordable to!

I also selected the 50 retro light bulb lights which were a bargain at £14.99. I love that this has 50 lights on because it means it can be used on larger areas like over your headboard or on your desk to really brighten your student room up. They are a lovely warm yellow colour, they made my room feel so cosy. They can also be used outside to which is great for any summer garden parties.

I would definitely recommend checking Tj Hughes back to uni section they have everything from Toasters to hoovers! perfect if your moving in a student house!



  1. I absolutely love those light bulbs and the pillows, so cute!!

  2. Ahhh I love those lightbulbs! Fairy lights are so overdone (but still look cute), whereas these just look that bit more sophisticated! x

  3. The little lightbulbs are adorable!!

  4. You've made your room look so adorable 😍

  5. Loving your bed set up, those cushions and lights are gorgeous!
    H x

  6. I love those lights and I really want a set like that!

  7. I love the pillow and the lights! I love how they are along the bed

    Tasha x

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