Saturday 14 March 2015

skincare tag!

1. describe your skincare routine in 5 words
simple, structured, quick, expensive, 

2. Whats your skin type
very dry! my skin drys out so quickly if i didn't do my skincare routine for a day i would start to have dry patches appearing on my face the next day! its annoying but for the mean time it's under control!

3.What is your favourite skincare product 
Clinique dramatically different moisturiser i've been using this now for 6 months and the change in my skin is just incredible! It leaves me skin silky soft and really helps keep my dry skin at bay.

4.Top blemish zapper
To be totally honest i don't really use any of these types of products due to the fact most that i've tried in the past really haven't worked very well! If you have any which you think are worth a try please do let me know!

5.Face wipes yay or nay
For me it has to be a nay i have very sensitive skin so for me face wipes are just too harsh for my skin to handle they make my skin sting! I can why others love them though because they are so quick and easy to use when you're in a lazy mood!

6.Toner yay or nay
Yay! i use one everyday as part of my skincare routine and i love it i feel like it makes my skin very clear! In summer i do like to use a facial mist as long with my toner just to add that extra refreshing burst to my face!

7. High end skincare or high end makeup?
I would have to say skincare! whats the point in spending lots of high end makeup if your skin isn't in the best condition underneath ( although the are great budget skincare products) i think it's so important to make sure you look after your skin before you even consider putting makeup on!

8.Whats the most unusual skincare product you've used?
Ooo i once tried a green tea moisturiser? i wasn't a massive fan as for a start i don't like green tea therefore i didn't really like the smell! Although it's suppose to be amazing for your skin i don't think i could use it regularly.

9. You're in a french pharmacy and you can only pick up one thing what is it
It would have to be something from La Roche Possay! I've tried two of there products now and i just love them! they feel so luxurious on the skin and are great for my dry skin!

10.Tell us what are your top skincare tips?
- Its not just about what your putting on your skin, what you eat has a massive influence on your skin! This is something i think i need to think about more!
- Drink lots of water you'd be surprised the difference this can make to your skin!

I tag everyone! let me know if you do the tag, i'd love to see your answers!




  1. Clinique skincare products are fantastic! Great post!

    Brittany x | Bringing Up Brittany

  2. Totally agree skincare is the most important thing no point in buying high end makeup and putting it on flaky or dehydrated skin::;


  3. If you have dry skin you should definitely try the moisture surge from Clinique along with the moisturizer you use because I used to have dry skin and after using the two of them together every night, I wake up practically glowing. Life changer! Great post, I enjoyed reading it!

    Juliana Grace |

  4. you clearly love Clinique :) I want to try the moisture surge soon :)


  5. I'm the same with having dry/sensitive skin! Makeup wipes were wreaking havoc on it until I decided to axe them, my skin was so much better afterwards!
    Great post, I really want to try La Roche Posay products

    little miss fii || Fii x

  6. Origins Super Spot Remover, ELF Zit Zapper & LUSH Grease Lightening spot treatments are all really good!

  7. I struggle when it comes to skincare. My skin is both sensitive and is combination, so certain products just don't work with my skin type x


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