Thursday, 20 February 2020

Dermalogica Skincare Edit

I have been working with Dermalogica now for around 2 years, there a brand I have loved and used for many many years previously. I have sensitive and dry skin and allergic to perfume so it can be quite difficult to find skincare that doesn't irritate my skin. Here are some of my favourite Dermalogica products that I couldn't now live without.

Pre Cleanse- Design to remove makeup and impurities this really is a staple product. I apply this to my dry face then apply water turning the oil milky and melting away any makeup. Its the most soothing pre cleanse I've ever used, after a long day at work this is so soft and gentle its like having a mini face massage thats the best way I can describe it.

Ultracalming Cleanser- This ph balanced ultra calming cleanser helps calm skin and combat redness and irritation. My skin is quite prone to spots which often leave red marks behind which can be stubborn and take a long time to disappear. I've really noticed the difference in my skin since swapping from the special cleanser. This is gentle on my skin and leaves my skin feeling super refreshed.

Daily Microfoliant- This is an absolute hero product! Its the most gentle microfoliant I have ever used. It aims to balance uneven skintone, calm the skin and leave you with radiant skin. This has been the biggest game changer in my skincare routine, it unclogs my pores, exfoliates my skin and leaves my skin feeling calm and clear.

Nighty Lip Repair- Created to hydrate, firm and restore the lips and the skin around the lips. I have always suffered from really sore lips due to my allergies my lips are always the first place effected. This has been a god send, I have been applying it before bed every night and my skins feel so plumped and hydrated in the morning. This is also one of their age smart products therefore it helps to reduce wrinkles and increase elasticity.

There are so many amazing products by Dermalogica if you're struggling to find the right skincare for you I would definitely recommend giving Dermalogica a try.




Monday, 3 February 2020

A dress for all occasions with FemmeLuxe

Is there anything better than finding a dress that you know you can wear time and time again for so many different occasions? For me this FemmeLuxe is definitely just that.

I dressed it down on holiday with a pair of sandals but this would look SO nice for a special occasion with a pair of heels. 

FemmeLuxe has so many great pieces at such a great price they always have the latest in fashion items available in a range of different size which is also great. 

I will definitely be shopping with them again for my upcoming holiday! 

Have you shopped on FemmeLuxe before? What’s your go to affordable clothes shop? 



Monday, 7 October 2019

Hills Puppy Food

I/ Teddy was very kindly gifted the lovely hills Science Plan Puppy +1 food in Chicken flavour ( Teds favourite).

Ted is only 6 months old and having never having a dog before I have found the world of dog food quite overwhelming. Its important that I buy food that Ted enjoy but also contains the right nutritional value to keep him growing and healthy.

Hils Puppy food is designed to help your puppy grow big and strong containing an antioxidant formula to boost their immune system. This also caters to the needs of dogs who are nursing or pregnant which is great to. It helps to promote healthy skin and coat which is so important for me since Ted is only a puppy! Made from hight quality ingredients in easily digestible pieces to make for easier digestion Ted certainly doesn't struggle to ate the whole bowl in a second!

We slowly started to introduce the food into Teds diet and he absolutely loves it! Its all gone in a few minutes and I can rest knowing that he is getting everything he needs from his food. We have since been out and bought more food for Ted since he loves it so much.

What do you feed your dog?


Monday, 23 September 2019

Everything that you need to know about number plates

When it comes to owning a car, there are plenty of things that you need to know about and understand. One thing that you are likely to just take for granted is number plates. Number plates are released twice a year in the UK; on the 1st of March and the 1st of September.
Currently, new cars that are registered in the UK will have the number 69 as their two age identifiers, however as soon as March 2020 comes around, then the number plate identifier will be number 20.
So, what makes up the number plate?
You now know about the age identifiers that are on number plates; but what about the rest of the number plate?
The first two letters of number plate will tell you where the vehicle was registered. LA-LY relates to London and MA-MY covers Manchester and Merseyside.
The third and the fourth letters of the number plate are the age identifiers as we have already covered. The age identifier for cars that are registered in the March of a year will have the last two digits of the year, whilst those that are registered in September will have the year of registration plus 50. This approach has been the standard since 2001 and it means that you can easily work out the age of a vehicle simply by looking at the number plate.
The last three letters of a number plate are the only ones that are randomly selected, these will be allocated to those dealers who are selling the cars.
It is planned that this current system of creating number plates will run until February 2051. After this, the DVLA will review the process and will probably update the entire number plate registration system.
What about personalised number plates?
There are likely to be some restrictions on a personalised number plate, depending on the age of your vehicle.
When you still have the age identifier on your personalised number plate you are going to need to make sure that the number plate is only place on a vehicle that is the same age or newer. However, if you want to start your number plate with a singular letter, then you need to ensure that you check the old number plate system in order to see if it is suitable for your car.
Number plates have been around as long as there have been cars to buy. In fact, number plates have been a legal requirement on cars since 1904.  However, over the years there have been huge changes made to how they are made up and how they look.
Even if you are thinking about buying a personalised number plate, then you still need to think about how your number plate fits in with the regulations and ensure that you are always the right side of the law.

Would you consider buying a New Reg?

Monday, 18 February 2019

Quick, Easy and Tasty tea with Judge Kitchenware

singapore noodles

cooking noodles

judge frying pans

I have been working with Judge Kitchenware for some time, I have tried numerous products of theirs and I have never been disappointed.  I recently received their non stick frying pan and I was very impressed.  The pan is large in size and also very deep so its perfect for doing any batch cooking or for families. Nothing stuck to the pan which I no should be standard with a non stick pan but a lot of the time its not. It comes with a 10 year non stick guarantee which I think is such a good idea too! 
The pans have a soft grip handle too which is great. 

They have a range of different pan including crepe, woks, saucepans and frying pans. As well as many other different kitchen appliances. There range is quite affordable and amazing quality.

My favourite thing to make is a stir fry, I used Singapore noodles, chicken, bacon and some spinach its the most simplest thing in the world to make but always so quick to make when you don't have much time and it bound to be yummy. 


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