Sunday, 21 May 2017

Bidvine: The handiest tool ever!

As a lot of you may know I have just finished my final year of university, which means my graduation is just around the corner. Looking for a dress, someone to do hair and makeup can be quite a stressful process . Photographers are also important and can be quite hard to find. Bidvine has a great selection depending on what the photographs will taken off, pets, babies or even headshots. It can also be a time consuming process, I'm currently in the middle of studying for my final exams so don't have the time to be searching around. 

I was recently contacted by Bidvine, who have made the process so much easier. Bidvine allows you to search for a professional in any area you need, such as a photographer, makeup artist, handymen and even personal trainers. Its so easy to use and saves so much time. 

You simply have to enter the profession your looking for, you then will be asked questions based on this to ensure the results are relevant to you. You will then be asked to enter your postcode, then you will be presented with results matching your search! 

This would be so useful for when your decorating and planning things such as a wedding or a party! 

I'm really impressed with their service, Its such a handy little tool which really makes things which can be quite stressful nice and easy. I would definitely recommend checking Bidvine out.


Thursday, 18 May 2017

My thoughts on university

university, liverpool

I'm now at the stage when all I have left is two exams and then I have finished university. I have been studying for three years at Liverpool Hope University studying both Tourism and Marketing. I can't quite believe how fast the time has gone! I thought since my university experience is coming to an end I'd write up my thoughts about my time there. 

1. Was it worth it? At £9,000 a year it certainly isn't cheap! Now I've finished I question if I knew then what I know now would I still go? I think I would as for me its definitely helped me decided what career path I want to take and allowed me to come out of my shell a little more. The debt is a hell of a lot so it's definitely not something I decided to do on a whim. 

2. Living at home is okay - There are so many people who say there is no point in going to university unless you move out, as thats all part of the experience. Yes for lots of people moving out is the right thing to do but not for everyone. Personally university for me wasn't about the social aspect, I don't go out drinking and parties aren't really my thing. Therefore I decided to live at home and for me it was definitely the right decision. Yes in the beginning it felt like everyone else knew each other but there were plenty of people who also lived at home and soon enough I found friends. 

3. Get experience - After three years this is definitely something I wished I had done more of. Now as I am looking for jobs and seeing that many require experience I wished I would of put more effort in to finding experience within different fields while I had the free time. I did get experience in a hotel chain doing social media marketing at the end of my degree and I definitely wish I had got more. 

4. Did I do the right course? - If I could go back now I definitely wouldn't do the degree I did ( Tourism and marketing). Before university I had never done marketing so it felt quite risky, but honestly I have loved it, whereas tourism which I had done before I really didn't enjoy. It definitely makes me think as long as you find a subject you are interested in and are willing to work hard then you can do any subject you like. 

5. Assignments - I wish I would of spent more time on my assessments earlier on in my degree. Now I've done my dissertation, after spending so much time planning and writing each aspect, I wish I would of done the same with my other essays. The disseration is definitely hyped up in my opinion, for me I had essays in my final year that were worth more than my disseration, yet I spent so much more time writing and perfecting my disseration which looking back doesn't make any sense. If I had my time again I would definitely be more organised and spend more time on each assignment. 

So there we go, there are my thoughts on university. Have you been to university? what was your experience?


Saturday, 13 May 2017

FleurDeForce Mac lipstick

mac cosmetics

fleurdeforce mac

Let me start off by saying I have watched Fleur on youtube for over four years now so I was very excited when she announced her collaboration with one of my favourite brands MAC!

I have quite a few Mac lipsticks already all of which are nudes shades, I tend to only wear nude or pinky shades on my lips and Mac are definitely one of my go to brands when it comes to lipsticks. When Fleur posted the colour of her lipstick on instagram I knew I would want it straight away, its completely up my street.
Fleur's lipstick is a cremesheen formula which is actually the only formula from Mac which I haven't tried before. Its so creamy which I love because I have quite dry lips so this feels quite soft. Its such an easy to wear shade I can definitely see myself reaching for this on a day to day basis. 

I also love the box from this lipstick to the Fleur De Force stamp is a lovely added touch! Personally I think its so cool to see youtubers and bloggers getting the oppourtunity to collaborate with such iconic beauty brands like Mac.

p.s sorry the swatch isn't the best I didn't have my twin to help me this time haha! 



Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Glad skin eczema cream

When it comes to products for my eczema I'm always a bit sceptical. I've spent so much money in the past on products that irritate my skin or just don't work. When I came across this eczema cream by glad skin I was quite intrigued by it. It contains staphefet which kills the bacteria in the skin and stops it from getting worse. It claims to reduce redness and itching and contains no perfumes or parabens.

I have been using this for quite a while now on the joints of my arms and legs where I have eczema but I haven't been brave enough to use it on my face just yet. So far I've really been liking it. It reduces the redness in my skin quite quickly and makes it feel a lot calmer and soothed , which if your used to your skin being ridiculous itchy is always a welcomed surprise.

Eczema is definitely different for everyone a product that works for one person definitely doesn't work for all, I've learnt that the hard way. If your interested in trying this product then I'd definitely recommend it especially if you can try and get a sample to test it first!


Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Sticker shop personalised stickers

Recently the lovely people over at sticker shop gave me the opputunity to review some of their stickers. They have ever type of sticker or label you could want!

You can choose from a number of different shapes from circles to customising your own shape. Sample packs are also available to make sure your happy before doing a full order. 
I used my blog logo as I thought they may come in handy when sending documents and quite frankly  I think its pretty cool to have my own name on the stickers haha! Who doesn't love personalised stationary right?  

The quality of the stickers is amazing, they really pick up every aspect of the image and the colour is spot on. I couldn't recommend them enough! Great quality and are reasonably priced to! The delivery was really quick to!  I would definitely check them out! 


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