Sunday, 14 October 2018

The perfect winter jumper with Femme Lux

femmelux winter jumper outfit

winter outfit jumper

Now Autumn has come around and all my jumpers have come out of hiding, I have been so excited to find some new A/W pieces that I know will be staples in my wardrobe. Femme Lux recently sent me over 3 jumpers to try which i’ll posting weekly to show you how I styled them.

Is there anything better than finding the perfect winter jumper that you know you will wear over and over again? This Grey cable knit cropped jumper is just perfect! It’s not too thick and fluffy that it’s going to irritate my eczema but is thick enough to keep my warm. It sits perfectly just above my jeans so you can still see my belt. Its true to fix and its shapeless like a lot of jumpers tend to be on me.

I styled this with my favourite black belt, an old pair of boots from public desires as I knew it would be muddy and my staple leather jacket.

I wore this outfit to go pumpkin picking at a pumpkin patch for the first ever time! It was so much fun even if we picked the most windy and rainy day to visit ( hence the dishevelled look). It was such an autumnal day out! I will definitely be returning next year!


Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Tried and tested: Products for spot prone skin

tried and tested skincare products for spot prone skin

I had never been one for having spots, in fact I never ever used to get them until last year. I'm not sure what changed but around this time last year I started getting quite a lot of spots which I thought would just be a phase but it has been ongoing for the last year. As you can imagine I have bought everything under the sun to try and get rid of spots and keep them at bay and lucky for the most part my skin seems to be under control but still spot prone. So I thought I would review the products which I have tried.

 Lacura healthy glow- I recently reviewed this which you can read HERE  it really made my skin feel so soft and smooth and also reduced the redness on my face left from spots which is something I really struggle with. I have been using this after micellar water as a second makeup remover!

Dermalogica microfoliant - I have also wrote about this recently which you can read HERE but I just had to include this! This is amazing, it a gentle scrub for your face that isn't too harsh. It has really helped unclog my pores and reduce the little bumps which I seem to get on my forehead. I have incorporated this into my daily skincare routine and I cant rave about it enough!

The ordinary salicylic acid - When I first tried this product I absolutely hated it, I used far too much without realising how strong it was. I decided a few weeks later to try it again but using a very small amount and it was much much better. I put this on my spots directly overnight and it really reduce the size of the spots and makes them so much calmer and less angry. I have just finished my bottle of this and will definitely be repurchasing.

The Ordinary Azelaic Acid suspension- I have been using this for a few months now and have really noticed the difference, this has improved the texture of my skin massively its much less bumpy and rough and much more smooth. This also makes my skin feel so much calmer after using it overnight, its such a bargain for the price and I couldn't recommend this more.

La Roche Possay effalcar duo- Now this purchase was definitely due to the hype surrounding it from other bloggers. I really had high hopes from this product after reading so many amazing reviews and I was so disappointed. This did absolutely nothing to my skin it didn't make it worse but it didn't seem to improve my skin either.

Lush mask of magnaminty - Again read so many amazing reviews about this product and was really excited to try it. I put this on face for around an hour and honestly I notice such a difference, it makes my skin so soft and calm and really draws out the dirt from my skin and reduce the appearance of spots. It also smells so minty and fresh I really love this product.

Of course everybody's skin is different and different products work for different people so this is just my personal experience with each of the products!



Friday, 5 October 2018

Aldi Healthy glow- Is it actually a dupe?

healthy glow tonic pixi glow tonic dupe

So you have probably read a lot about this product by now, with many people stating its an amazing dupe whereas others have said the ingredients is very different form the Pixi glow tonic. 
Im always on the fence when it comes to dupe, I don't think there is anything wrong with taking inspiration from another brand but completing copying the products packaging doesn't sit well with me. But as I don't have the money to try the Pixi glow tonic right now I thought I would give this a go first. 

First up the bottle is 250ml and is priced at £3.99 which in my eyes is a bargain. Both products have quite a few similar ingredients. I use around 4 squirts of the product to fill my cotton pad and it is enough to clean my whole face. I have been using this after my usual micellar water and was absolutely shocked at how much dirt was still in my face, I have gone in with a second cotton bud sometimes and can't believe how well it was cleaning my face. The scent is also lovely and fresh too.

On the whole my skin looked lovely and refreshed and extremely clean, I haven't tried the Pixi glow tonic myself but my sister has given glowing reviews so I can't wait to see how she thinks it compared. I was super impressed with this product and really think its great value for money. However I am desperate to get my hands on the new Pixi retinol tonic!



Sunday, 30 September 2018

Dermalogica brand focus

dermalogica skincare

Solar defence booster- This claims to protect your skin from the sun whilst keeping it soft and smooth. SPF isn't something I use on a regular basic but I have read the benefit it can have for your skin but always been a bit dubious as sun tan lotion often leaves your skin feels congested and tacky. This on the other hand made my skin feel so so soft! It hasn't broke me out and also feels light on the skin.

hydrating lotion - Aimed at dry, spot prone skin it claims to hydrate and sooth the skin. I have such dry skin and have been struggling with breakouts for the past year so this is right up my street. I have been using it every night after the microfoliant and it makes such a difference to my skin, it feels so smooth and hydrated as well being less irritated.

ultra calming mist- Created to help reduce redness and inflammation this is right up my street! I love this product, I use it after moisturising to help my face feel calm. Having such sensitive skin my face often reacts to different products and environments so I carry a little bottle of this around with me to keep my face feeling calm. 

precleanse- I have been using this after micellar water to make sure that all my makeup is removed from my face. It is so gentle on my skin and removes the rest of my makeup perfectly. I love that this product applies like an oil but becomes soapy after applying water. It makes my skin feel so soft and hydrated.

special cleansing gel-I use this product after the pre cleanse to make sure all traces of makeup have been removed from my face, this is quite foamy in comparison which I love. Often cleansers can really dry out my skin leaving it feeling super tight but this leaves it feeling extra soft and fresh. I am really impressed with this product and would definitely repurchase. 

daily microfoliant- I LOVE LOVE LOVE this product. This comes as a powder that actives once adding water to make a paste. It exfoliates the skin whilst still being gentle on the skin. My forehead is a problem area for me, this has helped to reduce the bumps on my skin and clear my pores! It contains green tea and oatmeal to help calm the skin too.  I've read amazing reviews of this too so I'm hoping after longer use it will also reduce my open pores too!



Thursday, 27 September 2018

What I Got for my birthday

So about 6 weeks ago I turn 22! I honestly don't know were the time has gone! I haven't blogged properly due to being so busy with University, but now I have finished I am so excited tog et back into blogging. I thought I would post my what I got for my birthday even if it is 6 weeks late as they are one of my favourite posts to read!

I love love love these trainers! They are baby pink and so comfy! My sister knows me well

Burt bees
I love this little Burt Bee's set, their products are amazing and its so nice to try some new products. 

daily dairy
My mum knows I love stuff like this, its so pretty and can be started at any point of the year.

morphe eyeshadow palette
I have wanted a Morphe palette for ages so I was so excited when I received this from my sisters boyfriend its too pretty.

Nike trainers
I am trainer obsessed and my sister choose so well! I love the metallic colour and they are soooo comfy.

antropolgoies cup
I love cute homeware and anything personalised so I love this glass with my initial.

oliver bonas vase
How stunning is this Oliver Bonas vase I am in love with it!

Again another stunning vase.

So my boyfriend got me this Calvin Klein loungewear set that I have had my eyes on for so long! Its so comfy. 

I love love these bowls so cute!

The glass rings are to go at the bottom of glass and cups they are such a cute little accessory.

I also received so many other amazing gifts too that I missed out of the photographs, I am so grateful for all the gifts that I received! I had the best day and was spoiled rotten!.
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