Monday, 27 August 2018

Where Have I Been and whats next

So I have been a little quiet on my blog for the past few months now, most of you probably won't have noticed but I thought I would do a little update about where I have been and whats next.

Disseration- As some of you may know I started my masters degree last September and finish it this September YAYY! so I have been SOO busy doing my dissertation it is due in next week and as you can imagine I'm so stressed! Its nowhere near being finished so the next 10 days are going to see me stuck to my laptop. 

Holiday- I went on holiday in June which was great! It was such a nice break away from work and uni work. I also just so happen to be going on holiday the day my dissertation is due I mean if that isn't the best coincidence then I don't know what is. I'll be going to Greece for 10 days and I can't wait to just relax with no dissertation to do it will be bliss.

Birthday- I has also been mine and my boyfriends birthday through out summer our birthdays are 3 days apart so we had a very busy but really fun week celebrating our birthdays. We stayed over night in a hotel and went out for a meal on both our birthday with our families. I also planned to do a what I got for my birthday but have been too busy to post it but I'll make sure I put it put next month!

Job- So I am still just working part time at the moment but as soon as the dissertation Is over with I will be applying for jobs like a mad women. I am looking to work in digital marketing fingers crossed!

Blog- I cannot wait to get back into blogging properly, it has been too long since I have had a regular schedule or even took blog photos and I have missed it so much. As soon as I'm back from holiday I will be going back to my usual Wednesday and Sunday upload. I have so many new products to post about so expect to see lots of new content soon!

Do you still read my blog? What are your favourite type of posts to read? I would love to know!


Thursday, 23 August 2018

Cosy candle wax melt subscription

Cosy candle is the UK’s number one wax melt subscription box, with different scents being sent to your door each month what is not to love. I always have candle lit in my room and always have a scent burning away in my wax burner so this is perfect for a candle lover like me!

The lovely people over at Cosy Candle sent me over one of their subscription boxes to try which I was very happy about. Each box contains 6 good sized wax melts each month being different scents. Priced at £14.99 for a box it’s a great way of trying different scents and would also be great as a gift.  They even fit through the letter box!!

The six scents I received where peony and blush, fresh linen, amber and ginger, champagne, lemon sherbet and seaweed and juniper.
They all honestly smelt amazing, I loved that the box had a great range of scents to suit everyone and could be used through out all seasons.
The website states they last up to 80 hours and so far they have been living up to thag’ The throw of the candles is amazing it’s strong without being overbearing.

My favourite two where definitely peony and blush and lemon sherbet they both smelt incredible. Peony and blush is such a lovely floral scent and really reminded me of spring, peonies are also my favourite flower so this was perfect for me.
Lemon sherbet on the other hand is amazingly zesty scent it really reminds me of summer it makes my room feel so clean and fresh I love it.

If your a candle lover or know anyone with a birthday coming up who is I would definitely recommend trying this subscription out! They come packaged beautifully and smell heavily, I loved trying this box out!


Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Is gambling right for you? what you can gain

Gaming isn’t for everyone, not everyone is able to control their spending and have quite addictive personalities in nature and for them gambling may not always be the best method for fun or to gain a bit of extra money. But for others gambling can be done responsible and be quite fun.
Personally I find online gambling quite fun, I know my limits and don’t soend more money than what I have and I certainly don’t do it regularly. I like to use the Online Casinos website to help understand how online casinos work and read reviews of each of the websites before deciding which to use.

I thought I would share my top 4 tips for gambling online

1. Know  your limits - set aside an amount of money that you can afford to spend and don’t spend anymore. Although it can be quite addictive spending beyond your means is never going to end well and defers the point of playing to begin with.

2. Read online reviews- make sure the website you choose to use is right for you. Make sure you are getting a good offer. This gives you a complete overview of the website, the payment options and the different types of games that they have avaliable to play.

3. Quit whilst your ahead- if you win don’t put all your money back online save it to treat yourself to something nice or pay of a bill you’ve been needing to pay. You’ll feel so much better for winning and putting your money to good use.

4. Only continue playing when it’s still for fun- when playing games online it can be fun to begin with but once it starts to go from fun to being desperate to win money that’s when you should stop. before you know it you put more and more money into your account and you’ve spent much more than you wanted.

When played responsibly it can be so fun they’re are so many great games out there!


Sunday, 15 July 2018

Yes to: Coconut holiday essentials

Yesto is a brand I have heard a lot about in the last few years, they provide natural and innovative products and have an extensive range of products. I was so happy to get the opportunity to try range which came in perfect time for my holiday!

Moisturizing coconut oil stick- This is literally made for holidays its perfect! My skin is always so so dry especially as I was on holiday for 10 days I burn quite easily and always end up pealing. I applied this every night after showering, it made my skin sooo soft. My skin felt so hydrated, its super easy to apply due to it being a stick and absorbs into the skin really quickly. This was by far my favourite out of the range and I would definitely repurchase again.

Cleansing wipes- There are 30 wipes in the pack and priced at £3.99 they aren't the cheapest wipes on the market but they are definitely more than your average wet wipe. For starters they smell amazing, I used these through out the day on holiday and surprisingly they didn't agitate my sensitive dry skin although I didn't test them on my face I really enjoyed using them.

Ultra hydrating paper mask- is there anything better than a hydrating face mask? This is pe text for holidays after a long day in the sun too cool your face down and keep it nice and hydrated.  Priced at £2.99 to its so affordable although it did sting slightly when first applying but I do have extra sensitive skin!

Overall I loved trying out the Yesto Coconut range, I will defineitly be trying their Yesto cucumber and cotton ranges soon to!

Thursday, 12 July 2018

Trint transcription service: what ever university student needs!

trint transcription

Studying at university can be hard and definitely comes with it’s stresses especially when it comes to third year or like me when your doing your masters degree and it comes to dissertation time. The work load becomes harder and whilst working at the same time it can feel never ending.

Recently I discovered Trint, oh how I wished I had this when I was dojng my undergraduate degree. trint is a transcription service than can transcribe information from just the drop of an audio file. Once the document has been transcribed you have the ability to search within the document and edit it to make any changes you wish. This would also be perfect for journalist, lecturers and even podcasters! 

For me I’m currently in the process of doing my dissertation and will be doing interviews as part of this so I’m quite excited to use it. this will save me SO much time. Previously I had 4 interviews to transcribe and it was so time consuming. One of the things I love about this is that is so easy to use you can download the Trint app to your phone and upload the audio file within seconds and have your transcribed document back within minutes. Trints service is also available via adobe premiere pro if you have that too!

Free trials are also available on their website which is great to try and have a little test with. this is honestly life changing for me it’s so efficient and easy to use and I think most university students will love it to! 

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