Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Chemist.co.uk Haul

I recently got the opportunity to work with Chemist.co.uk, a website I hadn't actually used before. I have used similar websites quite a lot as I have allergies and eczema i'm always buy different creams and tablets to try. I love this Chemist.co.uk literally has everything that you could need all in one place, its so handy. Its also very affordable which is always a bonus. 

First up I stocked up on my vitamins, firstly the glucosamine sulphate which was mainly for my dad I'll admit, these are great if you have joint pain. The past two month I had really bad eczema on my face and a really dry scalp so I got the lifestyle Hair, Nails and skin  which I have took for about 5 days now and haven't noticed much difference so far but fingers crossed. 
Next up is the vitamin B  which is suppose to help reduce tiredness and lack of energy which I've had a lot lately so they were definitely needed. 

I always have dry lips which can be a nightmare, one of my favourite lip care brands is Blistex so i picked up a new Blistex lip protector  this makes my lips feel super soft and lasts a really long time! They also have SPF to! Next is the sunkissed bronze architect which has a bronzer, highlighter, blusher and contour. For £3.50 you cant complain the shades are great. I also picked up a Dr Paw Paw which I have wanted for some time now! This can be used on both the lips and the cheeks. I picked it up in the peach shade.

Next I got the T gel 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner, this is great if you have dandruff or a dry scalp. It is also suppose to relieve itching which it definitely does. It's been doing my scalp the world of good. Next is the mudd deep cleansing clay mask, I am yet to try these but they look great and i'm excited to try them. I also picked up the micopore tape which I use to tape gause when my eczema is sore.

I also picked up some hydrocortisone cream which I used when my eczema flares up worse than normal. It really helps sooth and reduce the redness. I also stocked up on my allergy tablets which I tend to take everyday, they were only £1.50 which I think is pretty reasonable. Lastly I also got the comfifast bandage which I also use for my ecezma and have done for years. I put cream underneath and the bandage onto to sooth the skin. 

As you can see I picked up some great things from Chemist.co.uk  I would definitely recommend checking their website out there are some great bargains to be found!



Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Elizabeth Shaw chocolates

If you're anything like me and love chocolate then this post will be right up your chocolate loving street! 
Elizabeth Shaw is a chocolate brand I'm very familiar with, when I was little I always used to have their Mint crisps as a treat. I was recently asked to review them which I was very pleased about! 
They are made from dark chocolate and have honeycomb crisp inside. They are literally like a crisp after eight, they are so refreshing after a meal or just great as a general snack. They are just the perfect size, I also love that they are in individual wrappers so can be used for on the go. 
They also come in orange, salted caramel and milk chocolate mint. 
They are also gluten free and suitable forvegetarians which is great. 

Elizabeth Shaw also do a range of other chocolate such as their flutes which are honestly amazing in mint! 
You can find them in Tesco, Asda, Waitrose, Morrisons and Lidl. I would 100% recommend picking up a box, you won't regret it!


Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Benecos shampoo and conditioner

Benecos is a brand I have saw quite a lot about recently, they have a range of natural makeup, skincare and haircare. Having eczema and quite a lot of allergic I find it quite hard to find a shampoo and conditioner that I can actually use and doesn't irritate my scalp so I was quite looking forward to trying these out.

Benecos shampoo in Aloe Vera- First of all I love the smell, it's so fresh and clean and not too heavy fragranced which I find irritates my scalp. I also love the simple packaging its clean and not too fussy which I quite like. It has been making my hair super soft and shiny and generally really healthy looking without any irritation.

Benecos Melissa conditioner- again I love the scent because its nice and light, its of a quite thick constancy for conditioner which I wasnt expecting but quite like, its made my hair very soft and not so knotty which is always a bonus. 

Do you have any natural shampoo and conditioner that you would recommend?

Saturday, 1 April 2017

Technic makeup

The lovely people at Technic offer to send me some of their new products which of course I was very pleased about being the makeup lover that I am.
Technic is a brand that I have heard sooo much about but have never tried mainly because its not something I see often when I'm out shopping.
Technic has recently had a makeover to make them more contemporary which I definitely would say it has done, I love the look of the products and their packaging, overall they look really high quality.

 Technic colour correcting setting powder
I tend normally not to use setting powder as I have super dry skin but I was interested to try this out, I have been using it to set my concealer in place and through out my t zone were I tend to be less dry, I have been really liking it so far, its kept my makeup in place and didn't dry my skin out!

Technic get gorgeous highlighting powder in the shade 24 ct gold
First of all how stunning is this highlighter you could definitely mistake this for a high end product when in fact its on £3.49 which is a bargain! This is quite dark for my pale skin tone so I've been using a tiny amount or mixing in with another shade and I've loved it. Its so so pigmented and definitely gives you that pop. I definitely will be buying more of these.

Technic brown pen in the shade dark brown
Im quite fussy when it comes to the products I use in my brows as the are so scarce, this reminded me of one of those felt pens you would use in school! I used this mainly in parts were I just wanted to make my brows look thicker and to fill in the little gaps which it was perfect for.

Technic mega lash volumising mascara 
I love the brush on this mascara as its quite big which is great for when your in a rush of a morning. It gives great volume and definitely makes my lashes look longer than they are. Its really black which I like and lasted all day on my lashes without flaking or loosing much volume, I was definitely pleasantly surprised by this.

Technic eyeshadow primer for shimmer eyeshadows
As I have dry eyes I don't really use eyeshadow that much because to be honest its pretty pointless but I did try this product when I used eyeshadow and actually kept my eyeshadow in place really well. This is just for shimmer eye shadows as the product does leave a little shimmer on the eyelid but you could also use this with matte shadows to add a little shimmer to!

Overall I have been really impressed with all the Technic products which I tried they are such an affordable brand with great quality products I can't wait to purchase some and try more of their range!



Monday, 27 March 2017

Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow kits

I am literally so excited to write this post! I had been looking at the glow kits for such a long time before deciding I could no longer live without having one in my life! I decided to purchase That Gleam as it was the only one in stock at the time although I really wanted That Glow.

I'm not going to lie, I'm always entering blog competitions as I can be quite lucky so figured it was worth a try! I couldnt believe it when I got a message to say I had won That Glow! I was so happy! 

So now I have both glow kits which I'm really not complaining about as I love and use them everyday! On to the glow kits...

Gleam contains four shades hard candy, mimosa, starburst ( how cool is that name) and crushed pearl.  All of which are highly pigmented and amazing shades. I've been using starburst and crushed pearl the most and quite often together and I absolutely love them they create such a pretty glow. Mimosa is quite dark for me as I have such pale skin so quite often I have used this as a bronzer which I find works really well.  I definitely think this glow kit is the best for people with paler skin as the shades are more useable than That Gleam.

That Gleam contains Golden bronze, dripping in gold, bubbly and sunburst. I have been using sunburst out this palette a lot its such a pretty golden shade and definitely my favourite out of the four. Again golden bronze is quite dark for me so I also use this as a bronzer which I love. Bubbly and dripping in gold are also amazing shades they are a lot more golden/ champagne than the That Gleam palette and I think they will be perfect for taking for my holiday at the end of the week.

I love the packaging of both of these products, they were a lot heavier than I expected and are quite thin so are good for travelling ( although I don't trust them in my suitcase). I was surprised at how big each pan was and they are even removable. These apply perfectly to the skin and give just the right amount of intensity.

Overall I'm so happy with my purchase ( and my win!). I really want to try some more of Anastasia Beverly hills products. My sister recently got the contour kit which looks equally amazing!


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