Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Febuary makeup favourites for dry skin

favourites or dry skin

IT cosmetics cc cream- I have wanted to try this for so long now after seeing the likes of Lily Pebbles and Anna rave about it. I love the formula its so creamy and works into the skin like a dream. Its perfect for my dry skin and lasts ages without starting to cling to the dry patches on my face. I dont think the shade range is the best, I do tend to add a few lightening drops before applying. Overall though I love the product and can see myself buying more when it runs out.

Urban Decay up allnighter spray-  Again this is another product I've had my eye on for a while now. I've been using this after applying foundation and concelear and once finishing my makeup. It makes my makeup last soo much longer and keeps it all in place. I swear by this it stops my makeup from going patchy as quickly, I love it. 

Too Faced Hangover primer- I wrote a post all about this last week which you can read HERE, I love it I apply every morning before my foundation. It makes my foundation sit so much better its definitely the best primer I've used. 

Too Faced milk soleil bronzer- As you can see I've used this ALOT its my go to bronzer. Its matte which I prefer as shimmer doesn't seem to sit well on my dry skin. Its the perfect shade for anyone as pale as me and gives a lovely warm tone to my skin. 

ABH highlighting palette- There have been a few different highlighting palettes by ABH over the last two years, I have two and I honestly love them. As you can see there is one shade I love more than most as I've hit pan (cries) they are so creamy and pigmented I couldn't recommend them enough. 

What has been your favourite this month? 



Sunday, 18 February 2018

Know cosmetics- solving all your makeup problems

Know Cosmetics isnt a brand I had heard of previously so I was quite intrigued to try them. I was lucky enough to be sent some to try so I thought I'd share my thoughts on them. 

I love the packaging of their products especially the 'no bare brows' box. I haven't had to chance to try the no bleeding lips yet but I'll be sure to review that when I have.

know cosmetics

no dark shadows know cosmetics
No dark shadows- Although I'm only young I do have quite dark under eyes and have for quite some time now, I've been using this under my eyes every morning and have really noticed the difference, my darks areas arent as visible and under my eyes looks generally more radiant. 

no thin lips
No thin lips- I applied this to my lips before putting lipstick on and could feel the little tingle straight away and within 5 minutes my lips where so full and voluminous I honestly loved using it. It contains vitamin E and Aloe oil so that your lips stay nourished too.  

know cosmetics no bare brows

No bare brows- I loved this its possibly the most perfect shade I've ever used for my brows. It is so natural looking and filled my brows in perfectly. I don't always use the white side of the pencil but when my brows are a little messy or over grown its great for putting under the brow to sharpen them. It also comes with a sharpening and brush cap which is really handy for travelling too. 

Overall I love the idea behind these products and they really do work I cant wait to try their others products! Have you tried Know Cosmetics before?


Thursday, 15 February 2018

NYX Lingerie Review

NYX has come Boots in the UK this past year, which I was quite excited about as I've heard so many great things about the brand so when I saw they brought out new matte liquid lipsticks I had to try one.
I picked one up in the shade Bedtime flirt first up I like the packaging of this lip stain its simple yet effective I like that you can see the shade of the lip stain through. 
This is a mauve/ pink shade I'm quite pale so this looks quite browny on my lips which I like, these dry quite fast onto the lips and stay put all day without having to touch them up. The only downside to these I would say is that they do dry out my lips quite a bit by the end of the day I'm desperate to get it off my lips. 
There are 12 different shades to chose from each being quite different ranging from pinks to quite dark brown shades their are definitely shades to suit everyone. 
I've recently been trying more of NYX products such as their matte spray and their illuminator which I love, they are such an affordable brand but the quality of the products are really good.
If you haven't tried any NYX products yet I'd definitely recommend trying them out. 



Sunday, 11 February 2018

Chinese new year with stella electric wok

stellar electric wok

chinese new year

chinese new year

electric wok

chicken fried rice

Chinese New Year is just around the corner 16th February, I love seeing all the celebrations especially in Liverpool where we have the oldest China Town in the UK there are so many celebrations through out the city.  Plus who can resist Chinese food!

I was recently sent the the Stellar electric wok which I was quite excited about Chinese food is hands down my favourite. We often have Chinese night on a Friday in our house which is what we decided to do this week with the new wok. 

The Stellar wok is perfect size for cooking for the whole family, there are so many different dishes you could use it such as a fried rice or a stir fry. The is a heat dial which allows you to control the temperature of the wok making it super easy to use. What I love most about this is that you can detach the power cord from the wok and take the wok directly to the dining table which is what we did with our chicken fried rice. It makes it so much easier to serve and saves on the washing up. 
The wok also comes with a lid which is handy to keep the food hot and means it can also be used to steam food too.

We loved using this for our family Chinese night and will definitely be using it for so many more dinners too. 



Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Too Faced Hangover primer

too faced hangover primer

Having eczema means I have really dry skin to the point where I dread this time of year because I know how much of a nightmare my skin will be.  This year I've been in search of products which will keep my skin hydrated and stop my face becoming dry and flakey which causes my makeup to separate and go patchy!

When asking on twitter what primer would be best for dry skin the Too Faced Hangover primer was always the stand out winner but I never go round to purchasing it. I received it for christmas this year which I was so pleased about, I've been using it everyday since.

I love that this isn't scilonce based as they can sometimes irritate my skin, a little bit of this also goes quite a long way. It makes my skin feel so hydrated without feeling too thick and heavy on my skin. It makes my makeup last so much longer without clinging to dry patches which for me is absolutely amazing. It contains coconut oil, probitics and skin revivers which are all great for your skin. 

If you suffer with dry skin like me then I couldn't recommend this enough! 

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