Sunday, 24 September 2017

judge mixer





Lets start this by saying I am a massive baking fan, I bake quite a lot in my spare time so when Judge asked me would I like to test out their mixer I was more than happy to. 
Judge has a range of different kitchen appliances from serving platters to cutlery with all products being quite reasonably priced. 

The Judge twin blade turbo mixer is quite nice and light and has five different speeds. The bowl rotates in order to make sure the ingredients are mixed properly. The mixer can also be detached and used as a hand held mixer which is really useful. 
It comes with two standard beaters and two dough mixers which I used as I was baking bread. It mixed the ingredients really quickly and throughly and made the normal process of mixing dough a lot quicker and easier. 

If your in the market for a mixer I would definitely recommend checking Judge out!


Sunday, 17 September 2017

Ribby Hall Spa Hotel

Ribby Hall is an award winning family holiday park , one that I've made so many memories in. I've been visiting for the past 9 years now for new year and for summer holidays to. Its a great place with lots to do such as their new wild discovery, childrens park, boating river, segways, swimming and more. On site their is a Starbucks, Papa Johns (my fav), The Spar, Tea room, pub, tapas bar and spa hotel.

After visiting so many times I had never actually stayed in the spa hotel so for my 21st this year we decided it was about time! We booked an overnight spa break for £99 per person, this included breakfast, dinner, access to the spa facilites ( the aqua thermal journey) both days and a suite. I took so many photos I thought its about time i shared one my favourite places ever.

spa hotel

ribby hall village

ribby hall village

Fishermans reach
spa hotel

ribby hall


cute cottage
cute cottages

nature trail

carved owls
Carved owls


The Room 
living room
Living room

Double room

twin bedroom

Twin bedroom

dressing gown
Cosy dressing gown and slippers

Amazing selection of Elemis products


The Restaurant 

Chicken main meal

Duck main meal

Bread basket

 The spa
The zen spa garden

Thermal journey

I would 100% recommend visiting Ribby hall, their cottages are amazing too, I cant wait to be visiting again this New Year.



Thursday, 14 September 2017

my eczema story

For some of you this may be boring to read but if you suffer with eczema like I do then you'll know how frustrating and never ending it seems. I first had eczema when I was a baby right up until the age of 11 I struggled with it, it would get infected and made me dread summer. I would wear pants in school to cover it up.
At the age of 11 it suddenly went away, I was happy that it had finally gone after struggling for so long with it. At the age of 18 (3 years ago) It decided to come back it started off with getting really sore swollen red lips followed by eczema in my joints exactly what I had when I was younger, after numerous doctors appointment and dermoglotist appointments over the 2 years I found out I had a peanut allergy along with a slight dust allergy and allergic to two ingredients found in many cosmetics and skincare products. All of which make my eczema worse, I have had so many different creams and I have really struggled to find anything that helps. Surprisingly the sun really helps my skin when I go abroad in summer it compleltey clears my eczema up which is always a welcome break.

My dermatologist has since told me "its eczema its going to flare up there isn't much we can do" which was quite upsetting to hear as over the last year my eczema has got progressively worse, I now have it all over my face which flakes like crazy it gets infected and makes my face unbearably itchy. Its now quite embarrassing as I get so many people staring and commenting on it yet suppodlsey there is nothing they can do.

Over the past few months it has been infected twice resulting in me visiting the out of hours GP twice were I have been on steroids and antibiotics which isn't great as it only helps during the period of taking the steroids.
I have found a new products that have helped along the way to relieve the itching and help make my skin feel a little less tight and sore so I thought I'd share them with the hope of possibly helping someone else.

Dermol - I have been getting this off the doctor for some time now, I use this as a general moisturiser, i use it all over my body and face. It helps to keep my skin moisturised without being to heavy as many are quite rich and make you even itchier.

Hydrocortisone 1%- I know many people have a difference in opinion on this as it can thin the skin out but used sparingly I don't mind. I only use this when I have an area that is really bad and need something to help calm it and stop it from feeling so sore.

Simple eye cream- I find most creams I put around my eyes really irritate them they always feel too thick and heavy and always make me want to take them off straight away. I found this to be nice and light and doesn't irritate my eyes at all.

Glad skin eczema cream- I have been using this as well as the dermal on my body rather than my face mainly in the joints of my arms and legs. When they get quite red and sore this really calms them and makes them feel nice and relaxed. (A post all about this will be up soon)

I would love to hear of any of your experiences with eczema, if you have eczema I hope this may of helped or at least made you feel not alone in your situation!


Sunday, 10 September 2017

sensse beauty

Sensse beauty is a new brand who aim to show your inner beauty they promote being strong, confident, courageous showing passion and kindness. I quite like what they stand for and all of their new products look amazing.
Firstly I tried out their silicone facial brush, firstly how can a cleansing brush look so pretty? I love the pink and the rose gold together it looks so sleek and expensive. It also came in a pretty white box with gold writing on the front. Aswell as this there was the cutest little pink glitter makeup bag with a little pom pom.
I use this with my Clinique facial soap on a wet face moving in a circular motion. You can also adjust the intensity levels to what ever you like. It turns off after three minutes so you can check your using it for the right amount of time.

Next up is the hot and cold facial bar which is suppose to refresh and rejuvenate your skin. Reaching up 42oc when hot mode it helps the blood circulation and helps your muscles to relax. I'm always cold and love being toasty warm so this is perfect for me, its like a super hot face massage! With this also vibrating when using it helps massage your moisturiser into the skin so I always put mine on before using as I have dry skin it really helps my skin to absorb the moisturiser.
This also has a cold mode to relieve fatigue and to sooth the face. It also closes pores to encourages moisture absorbing whilst reducing the appearance of wrinkles. I cant say I've used the cold mode as much as the hot but it definitely has helped when i've had redness to make my face feel nice and calm.

I really love this brand and really want to try out some more of their products in the future.


Friday, 1 September 2017

TJ Hughes student essentials!




retro lights

retro lightd

white bedding

light bulb lights

light bulbs

It's that time of the year again when students move into halls for the first time or into their own student flat. For me I've just finished my Bachelors degree and starting my masters degree in the next few weeks. It can be an expensive time when your starting to buy all the essentials you'll need. 
I was challenged to jazz up my bedroom using TJ Hughes student essentials which are amazing and so affordable! 

I picked the pom pom duvet set I love white duvet covers, they freshen up any room and go with everything. This would be perfect in a student room, the pom pom detail add a lovely fun touch around the pillows and on the duvet. The duvet is lovely quality and quite soft to. Priced at £24.99 its really affordable to!

I also selected the 50 retro light bulb lights which were a bargain at £14.99. I love that this has 50 lights on because it means it can be used on larger areas like over your headboard or on your desk to really brighten your student room up. They are a lovely warm yellow colour, they made my room feel so cosy. They can also be used outside to which is great for any summer garden parties.

I would definitely recommend checking Tj Hughes back to uni section they have everything from Toasters to hoovers! perfect if your moving in a student house!

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