Sunday 12 April 2015

Sibling tag

In an attempt to post more personal posts on blog, today i thought with national sibling day being two days ago i would create a sibling tag! I know a lot have been done before but i thought i'd change it up slightly! 
I always thought it would be nice for my sister to read since she's a blogger to! (Check her out HERE)

1. Who's the oldest sibling?-  Well me and my sister are actually twins but i was actually born 1 minute before her which i proudly tell everyone who asks! Ever minute matters!

2. Best memory you have?- I have too many! probably making are little clothes and travel agents shops in our bedroom when we were little we could spend hours playing shop even though we only had 2 customers each other and our mum!  
Also our holidays, especially in Rome and Bulgaria!

3. What annoys you the most about your sibling/(s)?-  Were do i start? joking! probably when she doesn't listen to me because she always thinks she right haha!

4.  Do you have a nickname for them and do they have one for you? We've had plenty of nicknames over the years she calls me liv, livvy, olly and tivs! and for my sister ( her names Helena) i call her hels, hel and smelly helly haha!

5. Are you close? I would say so yeah! Being twins we've spend the majority of our lives together so far in school, college and even university ( which was completely by accident as we looked around uni's separately and choose the same? defiantly a twin thing)!

6. One thing your better at than you sibling?- God this is hard!  Saving? I'll admit i'm a shopaholic but meet my sister and i'll look like a saint she's out of control but it's funny! I will admit she has been more restrained recently so well done Helena! Oh and baking but she loves me for it she has cookies made for her on request!

7. One thing they are better at than you?- 100% has to be organisation my room is ALWAYS a mess and my sisters is always so tidy! so much so that she used to tidy my room for me because it annoyed her how messy i was! (unfortunately she doesn't do that anymore :( sad times)

8. Favourite thing to do together? SHOPPING OF COURSE! We are always able to pick clothes for each other because we know what each other does and doesn't like! I also love going on holiday with my sister to and surprisingly this normally involves shopping!

9. Favourite inside joke?- This is going to sound soo strange but we have little alvin and Theodore teddies from alvin and the chipmunks and we take them on holiday with us as a joke obviously and take thousands of photos of them on their trip! I realise this sounds very strange but we think were hilarious. 

10.  What's your's and your siblings favourite food? do you have similar tastes?- we like some things the same but not everything for example my sister loves pizza and i can't stand it! But one thing we are both obsessed with is salt and pepper chicken oh and you can forget our shared love for noodles!

My amazingly wonderful twinny is also a blogger you can check her out HERE It would mean a lot if you did! 
I tag everyone who has a sibling!

1. Who's the oldest sibling?
2. Funniest memory you have?
3. What annoys you the most about your sibling/(s)?
4.  Do you have a nickname for them and do they have one for you?
5. Are you close?
6. One thing your better at than you sibling?
7. One thing they are better at than you?
8. Favourite thing to do together?
9. Favourite inside joke?
10.What's your's and your siblings favourite food? do you have similar tastes?


  1. This was such a cute post! I've always wondered what it's like to have a sister, definitely want to do this with my brother (though convincing will be hard) haha :)
    Do you mind checking mine out and maybe leaving a comment or a follow? Thank you! x :) or

  2. Great tag and you have a lovely blog as well :) - Ashley

  3. Love this tag, I always wondered what it was like to have a twin! I would so do this but sadly, I'm an only child :( I'm tempted to use my cousin though, we pretty much grew up together and are super close!

  4. Those photos are so cute! I'm jealous, I've always wanted a sibling the same age as me. I'm the oldest sibling to my 7 year old brother, the age gap is pretty big haha!

    Laurie-Elle // xx

  5. Aww bet it was fab being a twin growing up, my sister is 13 years older than me so I didnt have a close sister relationship with her. I used to make travel agents shops everywhere I went too.

  6. Aww your a twin! Me 2! Funnily enough hardly any one knows I'm a twin which I kind of like. It is fun though especially at times like birthdays / Christmas. Every Christmas we still have to open presents facing away from each other as it spoils the surprise if you get the same and she opens hers quicker and spoils it for me haha.


    Little Blonde Life - Lifestyle Blog

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