Wednesday 8 June 2016

Holiday Essential: Sun tan lotions

With the UK having its annual 2 weeks of sunshine and summer holidays just around the corner its that time of year when I start to stock up on suntan lotions. After having reactions to certain brands in the past I always try to get an all natural suntan lotion so this month I chose two of MyPure who's brands are all natural.

First up is the Acorelle Sun Spray £17.99 which is factor 30 and water resistant. An added bonus it comes in a compact 100ml bottle meaning its handy if you are only taking hand luggage on holiday or are travelling lightly . I found this blended into the skin very easily and doesn't leave you looking like a ghost from the white cast of the suntan lotion. I liked that this was a sun spray rather than an oil which they do have available which I would consider using in the future . Also I love that it isn't at all sticky or greasy which is always a bonus, I look forward to using this on my next holiday.

Lovea Natural Sunscreen Spray  £12.99 is factor 15 lightly scented, water resistant and easily absorbed into the skin . This was easily to apply and quite light on the skin without being too weak in consistency and also leaves no white residue behind. I've used this a few times now and has been very effective and haven't burnt at all. Although it isn't small enough for hand luggage the bottle itself is quite small and is useful for carrying around in your bag for topping up during the daytime. It appear a lot thinner in texture to the Acorelle sun spray although it's great that it's nice and light I would say this needs to be topped up more during the day but since the bottle is compact and light this doesnt really cause any problems for me.
Overall I was really impressed with both of the sun tan lotions, they were a lot better than I expected and would definitely repurchase both again in the future. I will be taking both with me on my holidays this week!

My Pure have some amazing natural brands from haircare to makeup its great if your looking for some more natural products to use. Their delivery is always very prompt to!


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  1. Im excited for you to try this as we find it so hard to find ones that don't irritate our skin :(


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