Sunday 22 May 2016

New In: Soap and Glory

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After watching Lucy and Lydia video with all the new Soap and Glory products I couldnt resist picking up a few items. 

Firstly up is the new Soap and Glory Kick Ass Concelear in Just Bright, Soap and Glory have brought out four new concelears super blur,  fake awake and all is calm and Just Bright which I picked up. I chose this as  although I'm only young I have quite noticeable dark areas under my eyes which I hate so far I've only used this once as my eczema decided to break out so I've not been able to use it but I'm really excited to get more use out of this, I also have my eye on just calm!
Next up is the Sculpt and .. sticks, Soap and Glory brought out three in their new range a bronzer, highlighter and blusher. 
I picked up the bronzer in  and highlighter in the shade Ice Shimmer. Although i'm normally all for powder rather than cream products as I normally find them quite hard to blend I was so amazingly surprised at how easy these are! I literally have been using them everyday since I bought them a month ago, they are so creamy and smooth and take second to blend.
The bronzer is a perfect warm toned brown which is perfect for my pale skin and will look great in summer. The highlighter is quite shimmery and noticeable which I like and I think these would be perfect for Summer time!
Lastly I also picked up one of the new Soap and Glory sexy mother pucker lipsticks in the shade cinnamon beige which is from the matte range, I love this it's the perfect browny nude shade great for everyday use. I find a lot of matte formulas to be quite drying but I loved this its cream and moisturising and last a fair amount of times and i'll definitely be picking up some more.  



  1. Im in love with soap and glory and these looks really lovely. Need to get them asap. xxx

  2. I find it so funny that it's called sexy mother pucker lipstick. Thanks for sharing this though as I've never heard of this brad! (:

    Single Vegas Girl

  3. Hahaha too funny! You get that spider! (:

    Single Vegas Girl


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