Monday 15 June 2015

product empties

Recently i've finished a few of my products so i thought i'd do a little review as i've used these products for a good few months. 
Firstly is the Clinique clarifying lotion which i use every night after removing my make up, i find this perfect for my sensitive skin as some lotions can sting slightly when using but this is so gentle and soft and leaves your skin feeling extra clear and clean. I also already repurchased this item as i can't go without it.
I have also finished my simple foaming facial wash, i think for the price of this product it is really good quality, it was perfect for my sensitive skin as it contains no chemicals. I think it's the perfect alternative to the clinique facial wash.
The next product that i've finished is the Clinique facial soap which i use along with my clinique electronic facial brush and i absolutely love it! out of the four it's my favourite product it clears any make up which was left behind from my make up remover, it also makes my face feel tight and fresh on removal, i've repurchased this product and can see myself repurchasing again.
Lastly is the body shop rainforest conditioner normally i'm a massive body shop fan but this product really let me down i had such high hopes but it left a film on my hair and it felt grease after just one day which for me just isn't practical because i only wash my hair every 3 days normally. Overall i just wasn't impressed with the quality of the conditioner and i won't be repurchasing unfortunately. 




  1. I just bought a travel size of Clinique's eye makeup remover. it works and it's super gentle! I also invested in the Moisture Surge and so happy with it. I think I'll be buying more Clinique products in the future!


  2. This looks very like my bathroom cupboard ha! I am a big Clinique and Simple fan. For sensitive skin, I don't think you can go wrong.

  3. I've never tried anything from Clinique, but the amount of products you use from them gives me a general idea of how good it is, haha! I'll start investing, soon! Shame The Body Shop one didn't work as well!

    May x • THE MAYDENbloglovin'

  4. My skin is also super sensitive so I will take down these recommendations!



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