Wednesday 10 June 2015

travel bag essentials

Next week in off on my holidays so i thought i'd do a whats in my travel bag so you can could have a nosey at what i like to take with me on a short haul flight.

Firstly i always take a good book as it can keep you entertained for hours and i can't wait to read Katie Pipers book! A passport is always handy to haha! my purse also comes in handy! I can't go on any flight without my iPod i could listen to music for hours on end. When travelling to a sun destination sunglasses are always great to carry for when you arrive. I love the soap and glory wipes they have such a lovely scent and wipes always come in useful. I also have my roll on perfume from primark which is great because it doesn't take up too much space but means you can freshen up through out the day. Food is always a must for me to munch on during the flight jelly tots are one of my favourites.

What are you travel bag essentials?



  1. The map case, that would be for your passport right ? It's so pretty ! As for travel bag essentials, pretty much my ipod and a book. x


  2. I also have to carry hand sanitizer with me as I am a germ freak! Agree with the sweeties bit too :)

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  3. I usually always bring a book, my ipod and food as well! Shorter flights though I usually end up only listening to music for 15 minutes then reading for a bit then I just stare out the window (if I'm in a window seat) and eating my snack haha :)

  4. I always bring fluffy socks!!! I just feel so much more relaxed when I wear them! Last year I wrote about my essentials for a long haul flight; if you'd like to check it out ( Have a lovely holiday


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