Monday 15 December 2014

vicking direct

I was recently given the chance to choose a select few items from the wonderful website that is viking direct! They sell a range of different products from stationary to tea bags! If your anything like me and love stationary then you could easily spend a good hour browsing through the different products on offer although i decided to restrain myself as stationary is the last thing i need!
First i got a set of nice day ballpoint pens which are pretty basic but with being at uni pens seem to disappear into thin air so they always come in handy!
Secondly i got a box of  20 bic pens for her- i mean who doesn't love coloured pens, they come in pink, purple, green and blue but yet still write in black ink which is great for me and just makes writing that little bit more bearable!
I also got a pack of treat size sweets- i am the biggest sweet fan they along with crisp are my biggest weakness so as soon as i saw that viking sold them they were straight in my basket! i mean there treat size so they aren't as bad for you are they? 
Lastly i got acrylic paper storage- these draws are amazing i personally don't use them for paper as i use them to store make up and jewellery as i love that you can see through the draws so that you know were everything is, these have multiple uses making them so handy!
If your ever looking for stationary, office supplies or any even sweets viking direct has an amazing range of products to choose from which i would 100% recommend.


  1. oh wow I didn't know Vikings sold acrylic storage!
    Thanks for sharing

  2. Using those draws for make up is an ace idea x

  3. Must check out viking! Thanks for the review


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