Monday 15 December 2014

Cosy Christmas Tag

Since it's christmas next week and i have yet to have posted anything christmas related on my blog i thought it would be the perfect time to create a new tag! This tag is called the cosychristmas tag, feel free to take part, i'd love to know your answers! 

1. What is your favourite part of christmas?
I love the preparation for christmas the whole build up for me is amazing! I love seeing christmas lights everywhere, buying all christmas food and everyone is in such happy mood!

2. Favourite christmas song?
It's hard to pick a favourite christmas song as the are so many good songs but i would say it has to be between "santa claus is coming to town" and "do they know its christmas"

3. Favourite christmas food?
unlike most I'm not a massive christmas food fan i don't like turkey, mice pies or christmas pudding so mine would have to be pigs in blankets!

4. Favourite christmas movie?
I have two favourite christmas movies firstly would be miracle on 34th street and secondly it would be the holiday it's to hard to pick a favourite!

5. Do you have any christmas traditions?
The only christmas tradition is having all are family together for christmas oh and having new pj's for christmas night!

6.  Who cooks the christmas dinner in your house?
We change who's house christmas dinner is in each year but it's normally a mix between my mum and my nan!

7. PJ's or dress up for christmas day?
Dress up my whole family have always done it since i was little, we all get new pj's off my nan for christmas night which normally match!

8. When do you open your christmas presents?
Me and sister both open our christmas presents together on christmas morning we normally get up quite early to!

9. Do you own a christmas jumper?
I dont! this makes me very sad! i promised myself i would get one this year but i left it too late but i've promised myself (again) that i WILL get one next year!

10.  If you could have anyone under your mistletoe who would it be?
This is sooo hard! i think i would have to say either Liam Payne or George Shelley from Union J

Feel free to copy and paste the questions:
1. favourite part of christmas?
2. Favourite christmas song ?
3. favourite christmas food?
4. favourite christmas movie?
5. do you have any christmas traditions?
6. who cooks the christmas dinner in your house?
7. do you wear pj's or dress up for christmas?
8. When do you open you christmas presents?
9. Do you own a christmas jumper?
10. if you could have anyone under your mistletoe who would it be?

I tag: Helena

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  1. Really pretty photos! I love seeing all the Christmas lights too and the days before Christmas are always so exciting!



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