Wednesday 26 November 2014

My Pure: Laid Bare

Until recently i had never tried any of the Laidbare products but i'd only ever heard great thing about the brand, i'm a recent blog post i tried my first product from the range and was so impressed i decided i had to try more!
First up is the laidbare two in one cleanser and toner straight away i was draw into the fact that 2 in 1 who doesn't want to save time to grab those extra minutes in bed.  I love how much of this product you get in each tub 125ml is a lot of product! This has hints of apple, aloe vera and liqourice which to me doesn't sound very appetising but i honestly love the smell its so fresh and no to over bearing.  You don't need to much at this product as it goes quite a long way! It foams easily when applying to a wet face, i found this left my skin very fresh and clean looking and didn't cause me any break out which i was surprised at considering i have quite sensitive skin, overall i really like this product so far.
laid bare from dusk till dawn vitamin c serum comes in a pump which i quite like as it quite easily apply. The vitamin c aspect of this product is what first drew me to it as it's suppose to be good for dry, irritated and damaged skin, its also suppose to good for fine lines and wrinkles to! i've never been a fan of oil for my skin but i must say this left my skin feeling calmer, lighter and generally a clear appearance. 
I ordered both of these products from My Pure which is an amazing website selling a range of different natural products, definitely worth checking them out!

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