Friday 2 January 2015

2015 Expectations

Photo from Sprinkleofglitter

2014 for me came with a lot of change... i left college, turned 18 and started university which i never thought i would i be able to do and started my blog. For me i had plenty of ups and downs in 2014 but i excited to see what 2015 has to offer! I decided to do this post after reading Louise from sprinkleofglitters blog post ( which i would 100% recommend reading) with give me inspiration to kick start the year by writing something which i feel i could stick to
I' dont tend to do new years resolutions as i find them to hard to keep but this year i'm going to set some aims and goals of what i what to have achieved by the end of this year, lets hope i can stick to them!

1. Learn to drive- Every day i get the train to university and have to walk 20 minutes up hill before i get there, i don't mind walking but when it comes to winter and rain it isn't ideal. I've promised myself that i will learn this year!

2. Take more photos-  i always look back on the year and wish i would of taken more photos to collect as memories and to capture times which i want to remember so this year i'm going to try and make an effort to take photos often.

3. Blog regularly- i am the worst person ever at blogging i go from posting 3 times a time to not post for 6 weeks with no real excuse why ( expect for revision) i go through periods when i just can't be bothered but this year i'm going to work to plan posts, pre take photos so that it doesn't seem as big as a load and become slightly more manageable.

4. Do more- This may sounds silly and a bit vague but this year i have promised myself to do more whether it be go out for coffee, something to eat or to go for a walk because i think in 2014 i have been pretty lazy.

5. Drink more water- A lot of people tend to try this at the start of a new year but this year I'm determined to drink more water, i do already drink water daily and i don't mind the taste so i figured why not? i'm hoping to see the effects it has on my skin.

6. Say YES more- this is something which i tend to struggle with quite a lot because i'm quite shy around people who i don't know meaning i find it hard to say yes and be confident enough to take every opportunity but this year i'm going to try harder to say YES more.

And thats it! i didn't want to do too many as i would find it too hard to stick to so i thought six was a manageable number! i hope you're 2015 has got off to a good start and had an amazing end to 2014!

Do you have any goals or aims for 2015?




  1. Lovely post! Saying yes is definitely something I need to do this year as well, I'm forever insisting I won't like something and saying no even when I haven't even tried it before! x

  2. Lovely resolutions! I hope you achieve them all! :)
    Alex //

  3. Hope you'll live up this list! I absolutely agree with saying yes to more things because you never know what exciting thing would happen if you'd take the chance :DD

    Pudding Monster

  4. I don't really make resolutions but I also want to learn to drive in 2015, as I turn 17 later on in the year. No more relying on buses and trains (bane of my life!). I also want to be more organised and hand essays/coursework in knowing that they haven't been rushed at the last minute, it will definitely help my stress levels...

    Maddie //

  5. Good luck with your resolutions!

    Made in Mauve


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