Thursday 14 June 2018

Fathers day with bakerday

When it comes to fathers day lots of people struggle with what to buy their dad, for me its never been a struggle two ways to my dads heart is clothes and food. You can never go wrong with food. He like me also loves anything personalized especially with our baby photos from holidays ( mainly because he loves how tanned he is on them all).
bakerday offered me the change to get a personalised fathers day cake so I jumped at the chance. 
Bakerday offer a collection of cakes for any occasion which can be sent next day delivery through the door how cool is that?! They also offer cupcakes and balloons to. 

I love the tin the cake came in its so cute and can be reused for so many different things. The cake inside is so cute too, I love that you can add personalisation as it just makes it that little bit more special to receive. The cake itself is so yummy! They come in victoria sponge, chocolate chip, lemon, half chocolate half sponge and dairy and gluten free cakes too! 

They have kindly sent over a 15% discount code for my readers which is "OLIVIAMULHEARN15" if you fancy giving them a try! I would highly recommend!




  1. Their cakes look so good but they don’t do a vegan one :(

  2. I love Baker Days, I love all their choice of cakes and how they will make a cake just for you; they make some yummy vegan cakes! 🌸✨

    With love, Alisha Valerie x |


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