Thursday 12 July 2018

Trint transcription service: what ever university student needs!

trint transcription

Studying at university can be hard and definitely comes with it’s stresses especially when it comes to third year or like me when your doing your masters degree and it comes to dissertation time. The work load becomes harder and whilst working at the same time it can feel never ending.

Recently I discovered Trint, oh how I wished I had this when I was dojng my undergraduate degree. trint is a transcription service than can transcribe information from just the drop of an audio file. Once the document has been transcribed you have the ability to search within the document and edit it to make any changes you wish. This would also be perfect for journalist, lecturers and even podcasters! 

For me I’m currently in the process of doing my dissertation and will be doing interviews as part of this so I’m quite excited to use it. this will save me SO much time. Previously I had 4 interviews to transcribe and it was so time consuming. One of the things I love about this is that is so easy to use you can download the Trint app to your phone and upload the audio file within seconds and have your transcribed document back within minutes. Trints service is also available via adobe premiere pro if you have that too!

Free trials are also available on their website which is great to try and have a little test with. this is honestly life changing for me it’s so efficient and easy to use and I think most university students will love it to! 



  1. This sounds so helpful

    Tasha x

  2. Thanks for sharing about Trint, I was really on a hunt for the best transcription software for my transcription work.


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