Friday 26 January 2018

Saving your hair this winter with L'Occitane*

Source: L'Occitane

When winter comes around I find looking after my hair to be more important than ever. The weather really effects my hair leaving my scalp dry and hair lifeless. It can be quite frustrating to try and find products that work. Ive tried quite a few different products and hacks to try and make my hair the healthiest it can be during winter.  Here are my top 4 tips that I found have really helped. 

1. Finding the right shampoo for you
Its so important to invest in good shampoo and conditioner that will nourish you hair and leave it healthy. I tend to use natural shampoos  from brands such as L'Occitane who have a range of different shampoos to suit different hair needs such as anti dandruff, repairing and revitalising. I would definitely go for the anti dandruff shampoo for sensitive scalp, its sulphate free too which is great. I love L'Occitane, you definitely get what you pay for with their luxury products. There haircare range is a must in these winter months. 

2.  Conditioning masks
When my hair is dry during winter there is nothing better than putting a hair mask on overnight or before you wash your hair. I tend to use masks with coconut oil in as it really helps to hydrate my scalp and make my hair feel super soft for quite a few days after. I've recently been using the Palmer protein coconut hair mask and so far I really like it. There are also some amazing DIY Hacks on how to make your own hair mask.

3. Don't wash your hair with hot water
I'm always cold so this is hard for me, I'm always tempted to put the shower on really hot to get warm but its so bad for your hair and scalp to wash with such hot water. I always make sure I turn done the shower temperature now before washing it because my hair really doesn't need another reason to dry out. 

4. Dry your hair on the cool setting
There is nothing more that I love than sitting with the warm hair dryer on for ages but I've really been trying to keep this to a minimum. The heat can really dry out both your hair and scalp so its best to use the hairdryer on the cool setting, even if it doesn't leave you toasty warm afterwards. I use my Denman curling brush too which is a dream. 

I hope you enjoyed reading about how I look after my hair in the winter! I would love hear your tips to!


  1. I love the earthy packaging for these products! I think I naturally look after my hair quite well because I tend to not do anything with it and often switch from a warm to cool setting on the hair dryer - mostly cos I just get too hot when drying my hair!


  2. I dont blow dry my hair my hair so often now, only when I’m going out somewhere, my boyfriend uses it more than me

    Tasha x

  3. Used their body products before but didn’t know they did hair care xx

  4. I love this post, I cant imagine washing my hair with cold water! I've never used L'OCCITANE but it sounds like a great product! xx

    Jamie |


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