Tuesday 16 January 2018

Get more vitamins

get more vitamins drinks

get more vitamin drinks

get more vitamins drinks

When it comes to vitamins I definitely dont get a enough, I'm deficient in both iron and folic acid so I find it hard to make sure I get the correct amount of everything I need each day.
Normally I buy into things like this but I loved the idea of get more vitamins.

 Each flavour drink helps to support a part of your body or give you a particular vitamin for example the sparkling orange is to support the immune system. I tend to find products like this don't have the best flavour but I was genuinely shocked how much I loved these the flavours actually taste exactly how they are suppose to. They are so fruity and strong I really liked them all. The orange and mango and passionfruit were definitely my favourite. Even if they didn't have great benefits  I would 100% buy these. The blueberry has to be my least favourite but thats definitely down to personal tastes. I loved the fact that they were giving me added benefits whilst still being super tasty.

I also received the multivitamin gum in spearmint and peppermint, I was intrigued to try this because I always carry chewing gun with me but hadn't seen anything quite like this before. It is almost like a mint with chewing gum the hard mint is gone within a minute, the chewing gun is quite big so lasts quite a while too. The flavour is nice and quite similar to most chewing gun.  It contains 25% of 10 of  your daily vitamins which I think is quite impressive. I will definitely be repurchasing these.

If you struggle to get your daily vitamins I would definitely recommend these I honestly cant express how impressed with the brand I was.  I would recommend both even if you dont need the extra vitamins! They are avaliable to buy in most supermarkets!



  1. These drinks sound quite nice - I don’t know if I’m deficient in anything (probably am!) but I’m always up for boosting those vitamins.


  2. I love the sound of the chewing gum! I might need to get some of this

    Tasha x

  3. I absolutely love these drinks! xx

    Jamie | www.jamies-corner.com


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