Wednesday 6 May 2015

gumbies flip flops

Gumbies flip flops are an Australian company. They were made to ensure comfort by using natural and planet friendly products to make the soles of the flip flops. Gumbies uses canvas to ensure that they are comfortable and that they stay in place through out the day and are designed to last longer than your average pair of flip-flops.
Gumbies are available for those in the UK, US, Australia and Europe. Gumbies are available for men women and children and they also have there own range of clothing.
Gumbies sell a range of different design and colours but i went for stripes because who doesn't love stripes? plus they were very summer inspired.  These flip flops are honestly so comfortable id would even say they were as comfy as a pair of slippers! 
When it comes to flip flops i only really wear them on holiday as i'm always cold! But i normally stick with my good old nikes but gumbies definitely bring good competition for nike!


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