Saturday 14 June 2014

Top 5 Things To Do In London

1. Oxford street - Any shopaholic like me will already know oxford street is the centre of London's shopping culture with so many shops to choose from your bound to find what your looking for. You'll have to make sure to give yourself plenty of time to make sure you manage to visit all the shops you desire. Shops such as topshop, zara USC, topman, primark and many designer brands you really are spoilt for choice. It can get quite busy so i'd recommend either going in the morning or late evening to avoid the busy chaos. 

2. The shard - currently the tallest building in Europe redounded for it's spectacular views as the sun sets over London at 72 floors high it's definitely a must see while in London. The shard also offers restaurants with breathtaking views over the city.  It's also twice the size of any other building in London with a 360 degree view providing a unique experience of London. The shard is the perfect attraction for anyone who loves architecture and photography like me.

3. Eat at rainforest cafe- the rainforest cafe is a family friendly restaurant which creates the sounds and vision of the rainforest. The sound effects including thunder and waterfalls create a realistic effect and a completely different experience to any other restaurant, which is great for children. This offers a range of different foods from pasta, burgers, noodles and a range of delicious deserts to suit every taste. Overall this restaurant provides a complete unique dining experience and is definitely one to visit. 

4.  Madame tussards- whether it's the royal family, David Beckham or Cheryl Cole with over 300 wax figures there is figures to suit everyone!  madame Tussaud is a great place to visit for families and couples offering an up close experience and a chance to get your photos taken with the figures. Personally I find it so interesting to see the height and the real life size of people who you see on your tv every day! 

5. Camden- Camden is a great place to explore, to take in the busy market and oriental smells of the amazing food stalls Camden has to offer. Known for it's unique bargins and busy streets, Camden has something for everyone whether it's shoes, bags, jewellery or to grab some food while looking over the views of the canal Camden is one of my favourite places to visit and explore just when you think you've seen all of Camden the is always more to uncover. 

I hope you enjoyed reading my top things to do in London, if you are planning a visit to London or looking or a day out i'd definitely recommend the above!



  1. Me and the OH went to see the shard on one of our many trips to london. It is a really impressive sight to see upclose even without going inside! And I also want to visit Madame Tussauds for the same reason as you :)

  2. I love London so much, I have never been to Camden defintley need to add it on to my list :)

  3. I'm going to London for the first time this month so this post is extremely useful! I will definitely be going to the Shard, it looks amazing. And Camden sounds really good!

    Lauren |

  4. Great post !! I love London .. especially Oxford Street :-D xo

  5. I love Camden, so much to do and see! The Shard and Rainforest cafe look amazing, I'll make sure to stop at one or the other next time I'm in London :)

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  6. Great post. I went to The Shard the other weekend, check out my blog

    Some great places mentioned, Even living close by to London I always find something new to do. The Ice Bar is another great one to do. xo

  7. Love London, I stayed their for 3 weeks last year whilst doing my makeup artistry course and everything feels so alive. Just wish I lived nearer (I'm in Manchester) and to afford an house there equivalent to what I have here I would probably have to be a millionaire xxx

  8. I only went to London twice but it's already my favourite city ever. Oxford Street is definitely the best place to go shopping. I'd love to go to Madame Tussards but I never had the chance to. Nice post by the way. :)

    J├ęssica |

  9. I went to London back in June! I LOVED it, it's a wonderful place, I will admit I used to hate it! Now I can't wait to get back. I always walked past the restaurant cafe, my my it's bloody gorgeous! I aim to eat there next time I go which will hopefully be soon. I also, absolutely agree with point 5 - visiting Camden. It's so lively and fun, going out during the night time as well you meet all sorts of people! I love this post, thanks for sharing!



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