Wednesday 17 October 2018

Autumn skincare saviours for dry skin

lanicon nipple cream

body shop hand cream

Burt bees lip balm

When autumn comes around I always have a little change up of my skincare. I have extremely dry skin which gets progressively worse as the cold weather comes in. I thought I would share my autumn skincare must haves especially if you have dry skin like me.

L Oreal hydra genius - I love love love this product its quite light but really helps to inject some moisture in my skin, I normally have to use heavier creams than this and often ones from the doctors but I love putting this on of a morning because my makeup as it doesn't feel to thick and heavy on the skin. It smells amazing and really calms my skin, its so affordable too I would definitely recommend.

HPA Lanolin- Now this is actually a nipple cream but it has so many other amazing uses too. This is perfect for any areas of really dry and cracked skin its so moisturising and really helps to repair broken skin. I have been using this on my lips which have been cracked, dry and sore as the cold weather has drawn in, its left my lips so nourished and soft!

Simple hydrating oil- This is quite a new purchase for me but so far I am loving it. I always love oils when the weather is colder. They really hydrate the skin but a lot of oils really irritate my skin like the kehils midnight recovery oil. I decided to try the simple oil as it is fragrance free and so far my skin feels so hydrated and soft I have really been enjoying using it.

Body shop satsuma hand cream- With having eczema my skin is already really dry but I am the worst at remembering to moisture my hands. I recently picked this up free in a magazine and I love it, it is my favourite body shop scent! I have been using this every morning and night and have really notice a difference.

Burt Bees lip balm- Burt bees are my go to brand when it comes to saving my lips. My lips are always pealing during winter and autumn so I always carry lip balm with me and Burt Bees is always my lip balm of chose. I always put it on before going out in the cold and does a great job of protecting my lips!

Dermalogica skin hydrating masque- I have been using this product overnight twice a week and skin feels amazing when I wake up its so soft and smooth and much brighter. I have loved trying out the dermaloigca products they are definitely going to be a staple going through to winter.



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  2. I love the Loreal Hydra Genius! It is great.

  3. I love burts bees products that feel very moisturizing especially the lips balls. It's my go to under my lipstick

    Erica Raquel

  4. I really wanted to try the body shop hand cream, but was always afraid about the scent. Thank you for the post, now I'm going to try satsuma oil :)
    Lots of love ♥ Janury Girl

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