Tuesday 25 April 2017

Chemist.co.uk Haul

I recently got the opportunity to work with Chemist.co.uk, a website I hadn't actually used before. I have used similar websites quite a lot as I have allergies and eczema i'm always buy different creams and tablets to try. I love this Chemist.co.uk literally has everything that you could need all in one place, its so handy. Its also very affordable which is always a bonus. 

First up I stocked up on my vitamins, firstly the glucosamine sulphate which was mainly for my dad I'll admit, these are great if you have joint pain. The past two month I had really bad eczema on my face and a really dry scalp so I got the lifestyle Hair, Nails and skin  which I have took for about 5 days now and haven't noticed much difference so far but fingers crossed. 
Next up is the vitamin B  which is suppose to help reduce tiredness and lack of energy which I've had a lot lately so they were definitely needed. 

I always have dry lips which can be a nightmare, one of my favourite lip care brands is Blistex so i picked up a new Blistex lip protector  this makes my lips feel super soft and lasts a really long time! They also have SPF to! Next is the sunkissed bronze architect which has a bronzer, highlighter, blusher and contour. For £3.50 you cant complain the shades are great. I also picked up a Dr Paw Paw which I have wanted for some time now! This can be used on both the lips and the cheeks. I picked it up in the peach shade.

Next I got the T gel 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner, this is great if you have dandruff or a dry scalp. It is also suppose to relieve itching which it definitely does. It's been doing my scalp the world of good. Next is the mudd deep cleansing clay mask, I am yet to try these but they look great and i'm excited to try them. I also picked up the micopore tape which I use to tape gause when my eczema is sore.

I also picked up some hydrocortisone cream which I used when my eczema flares up worse than normal. It really helps sooth and reduce the redness. I also stocked up on my allergy tablets which I tend to take everyday, they were only £1.50 which I think is pretty reasonable. Lastly I also got the comfifast bandage which I also use for my ecezma and have done for years. I put cream underneath and the bandage onto to sooth the skin. 

As you can see I picked up some great things from Chemist.co.uk  I would definitely recommend checking their website out there are some great bargains to be found!




  1. I've been testing out this lip balms lately! They smell lovely! You got some amazing things :)

    Terri / www.territalks.co.uk

  2. I'll have to have a look on here! I love blistex and you've reminded me to stock up on hay fever tablets

    Tasha x


  3. Stocking up on essentials like this before summer is a must. I'll have to check out this website and see what I can get on there.

  4. I get really bad eczema and allergies in summer so this sounds great! X

  5. The website sounds fab for picking up essentials! :) x

    ♥ Jadirah Sarmad | Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  6. How have I not heard of this website? I need to get stocking up on some summer products!


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