Friday 10 March 2017

Penclic B2 mouse

I was recently asked to try out the Penclic B2 mouse which I thought looked quite cool mainly because it was wireless and looked which interesting. I received the B2 mouse which is controlled through bluetooth and can be used with both pc and mac and is quite simple to connect.

It has five buttons and a scroll wheel to control and is charged through batteries, it claims to last for two months but I haven't been able to test that fully yet. This is created to prevent RSI which can happen when using items which are ergonomic so is useful if your sitting at an office desk quite a lot.
I liked the packaging of this product it was quite sleek and showed off the product well. I liked that this was white as many of the other designs come in black but the white definitely looks more expensive.

It really does remind me of a pen when using it as its quite slim and nice and light. The mouse is turnt on simply from the one and off button underneath the mouse, Im not sure I could use it if i was using something like photoshop but for browsing the internet I think its perfect!
Its quite an expensive product for what It is in my opinion but I do really like it and think its would be even better with a few little tweaks.



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