Monday 11 July 2016

Body Fantasies Sprays

Body Fantasies are an American brand who have recently launched in the UK and they can be currently be found in Superdrug. They have launched four scents; Pink Vanilla, Japanese Cherry Blossom, Pink Grapefruit (which sounds right up my street) and Twilight Mist. Priced at just £3.99 they are such a bargain! I think they are quite similar to Victoria Secret's but at a quarter of the price! 

I recently received both Japense Cherry Blossom and Pink Vanilla Kiss Fantasy.
First up Pink Vanilla Kiss Fantasy "Delectable juicy peach and berries open the fragrance, while soft florals round out the middle. The base, comprised of woods and musk, is beautifully crafted to create a feminine, fruity, gourmand fragrance." Its a very summery and sweet scent, it's also smaller than the likes of the Victoria Secret spray making them great for travelling especially with them being under 100ml.  I often find vanilla too strong and sweet when it comes to sprays but this isn't which I like. 

Secondly is the Japanese Cherry Blossom "A long-lasting blend of warm oriental notes transform into an incredibly feminine dry down of fresh cherry blossom, succulent rose and seductive amber." This is a lot more of a perfume type scent and is quite floral. Its definetly my favourite out of the two. I also really like the packaging of this one particularly. 

Overall I have really been enjoying using the sprays. I found them to be very long lasting and quite strong for a body spray. Hopefully in the future Superdrug will bring more of the Body Fantasies scents to the UK, I'll definitely be on the look out !



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