Sunday 10 January 2016

bomb cosmetics

I have tried Bomb Cosmetics a few times before and always been very happy with the products I've tried so when I saw they had a boxing day sale on I thought it was the perfect opportunity to try some more of there bath bombs.

Happy Beak bath mallow- £1.15 Isn't this the cutest bath mallow you have ever seen! I may or may not have bought him because of how cute he is! 

Rocking around the Xmas tree bath mallow- This has a pomegranate fragrance and contains mandarin oils and coca butter.

Candy Cane Kid bath mallow £1.12- This contains spearmint and bergamot essential oils.

Shooting star bath mallow- This contains patchouli amyris oils while also releasing coca and shea butter which I thought would be good for my dry skin. 

Holly Dolly bath blaster £1.15- Containing pure orange and pepper oils, I quite like this as I thought it was very pretty.

 Let it snow bath blaster £1.15- This is definitely my favourite blaster it's so pretty! its peppermint scented which I think will be nice and refreshing.

Chilly Milly bath blaster £1.15- This is fruity scented which is of course is my favourite type of scent, containing ylang ylang oils to help refresh. 

Hollybobs bath blaster £1.15- This is apple and cinnamon scented which again isn't my favourite scent but for £1.15 I really can't complain

 Chilly Willy bath blaster £1.15- This is cinnamon scented which isn't my favourite scent but I couldn't resist not buying it because lets face it how could i resist. 

Overall I am very pleased with my order and can't wait to start using them, I can't believe how cheap they were! Although these items are no longer available on the Bomb Cosmetics website, Temptation gifts have 20% all of the bomb cosmetic range that they have and on the bomb cosmetics website they have lots of other blasters, mallows, candles and soaps to choose from. 


  1. I have been looking on this website over the last week, i am definitely placing an order now! x
    Emma |Emmys Beauty Cave

  2. These are all ridiculously cute! I love how you can see they have hidden surprises in some of them too!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x

  3. Hi Liv!!!! I can't wait to use mine too!

    Hels xoxox

  4. I'm seeing more of this brand lately! they look cute!

    Arianne | Ayre

  5. These look so cute! Gonna check out the website now!
    Gem @

  6. These are all SO adorable! I love bath products like these :)


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