Wednesday 4 November 2015

Artdeco Collection

Artdeco have recently released a new beauty collection including nail varnishes, blusher, eyeliner and highlighter I was lucky enough to receive them and I love the collection so far.
 Firstly I got the artic beauty dust which I love purely for the packaging its so cute! Its a shimmery loose powder which is vanilla scented and can used on places such as your arms, legs and even in your hair! 
Next is the Vintage Glam Shimmer Cream which is a shimmery highlighting cream, this is great because it can be used for quite a lot of things such as your eyes and cheeks. Priced at £7.40 I think its quite reasonable considering it has so many uses. 
I also received the Glam star glitter liquid eyeliner - This is a gel texture and is great for the upcoming christmas season. Its also fragrance free. 
Next up is the Glam star lipgloss - There are many different shades from the new collection all retailing at £12.20. I received Frozen rose which is lighter than what I would normally go for but is a very pretty pinky shade. 
I also got two of the art couture nail polishes one being shade 955 ice flower and the other 08 couture frozen land. There have been 4 new shades added all of which are gel based all being long lasting, highly pigmented and rich in colour. 
Up next is the sparking lash drop which i can't see being one of those products that you use a lot but would be around christmas time. This can be used on eyelashes, eyebrows, cheeks and neckline. 
One of my favourite items from the collections is the artdeco Artic beauty blush  in the shade ice garden, firstly I absolutely love this packaging its almost too pretty to use! This is a mix of three different together with a slight shimmer its so pretty! Its also perfume and paraben free which is always a plus.
Lastly is the Artic beauty highlighter  this can be used as both a highlighter and eyeshadow the only thing if using as a highlighter is you would need a small brush to only pick up the lighter shade. Again this highlighter has the prettiest packaging which is as far as makeup goes is very pretty. 



  1. I've never tired any these products. They sound like a really interesting brand. I love the look of the blush, it's so pretty.


  2. I'm not sure I've even heard of this brand, the products look so pretty!

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog

  3. Never heard of the brand, but love the look of the highlighter and blush!

    Hannah X

  4. I have never heard about this brad before, but their products look lovely. Thanks for sharing, hun! x

  5. those shades are gorgeous!! even people at work are subscribed to beauty boxes.. I kind of feel left out, but since I try to be all-natural, I probably won't appreciate the boxes..



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