Tuesday 1 September 2015

Mahogany reverse hair treatment

Mohognay naturals is a fresh organic hair and body care company which is suitable for all ages.
This is designed to give your hair a new lease of life giving your hair bounce and reverse damage.
This can use used before or after shampooing and is to be left on your hair for 35 minutes. This includes ingredients such as coco butter, shea butter and aloe vera.
Personally I used this after shampooing but next time I would use it before as it's quite a heavy product. For me the smell isn't to my taste as its quite sweet and nutty considering I'm allergy to nuts I find the smell quite off putting but if you love the smell of nuts then you'll love this!

Overall this did make my hair feel smooth and soft and less fly away hairs but at the price tag of £40 its quite expensive compared to most hair treatments so i'm unsure if I would buy this product.
Mohogany naturals sell a range of different products especially for people with curly afro hair you can check them out over at http://www.mahoganynaturals.co.uk


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