Saturday 7 March 2015

my pure! foundation+ lip balm

 Living Natural illuminating foundation- This foundation is available in 3 different shades so with being pale i decided to pick the lightest shade that they had they had on the website. I love how soft and liquidy this foundation is as it spreads quite far. I found this to be a very light foundation so it could be used it on it's own if your after a light coverage or as a tinted moisturiser if your looking for a heavier foundation. I love that this foundation didn't make my dry skin look awful which a lot of foundations, i did find it slightly too orange for me though.

Hurraw orange lip balm- if you know anything about me then its that I'm a lip balm addict maybe due to all the problems i've had with my lips, orange is also my favourite scent so together this product is match made in heaven for me! I find this lip balm to be very moisturising and last a long time once a applied which i feel isn't very common for me! overall i LOVE this lip balm i would 100% recommend the Hurraw lip balms especially the orange scent!
 If you've looking for nature makeup products make sure to check out My Pure! they also have  a few special offers on at the moment to!


  1. Never heard of the Hurraw before, your review of it sounds great! Yumm, orange scent Rebecca | xx

  2. Hi Olivia

    If you are ever looking for a good tinted balm you could try Pixi by Petra. They have some great Shea butter lip balm. They do a range of different colours and the ripe raspberry is my favourite.

    On your recommendation I will have a look at the hurraw :)

    Rosie's beauty


  3. I need to try this foundation! I love this RT brush though x
    Hannah | Heyitshannaah


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