Sunday 25 January 2015

Lush Sale Haul

I was so excited when i saw that lush were doing a sale online with most of there christmas collection on sale ekk! There christmas collection is my favourite mainly due to how cute most of the range is so i couldn't resist a slight splurge!

Golden Wonder Bath Bomb £1.87- I'm so excited to use this bath bomb which it being glitter it's not one i would buy a lot but i though for £1.87 i had to give it a try especially since it's one of lush's biggest bath bombs! This is supposed to smell like Lush's snow showers shower jelly. This is supposed to leave your bath blue with edible paper stars! i can't wait to try this one out!

So White Bath Bomb £1.75- This is one of my favourite scents from lush! It's suppose to smell like fresh apple which smells so amazingly fresh! I love that this isn't to overly fragrant and quite a simple bath bomb compared to most of the other bath bombs!

Luxury Lush pud bath bomb £1.75-  This is one of my favourite bath bombs to look at it's just so cute! Its also very colourful and bright in bath and does a great job of cheering you up after a long day! I love that the circles come out of the pud separately making it extra colourful!

Hedgehog bubble bar- seriously how cutie is this?! containing both shea butter and coca butter. I like that this is a bubble bar so will last longer than one bath alls you have to do is crumble it under running water and your done! This one doesn't particular do much to bath but how can you resist?

Dashing santa bath bomb- This has a satsuma scent which is my favourite scent of all! This include maderin oils and bergamot oils. This leaves your bath a bright orange / red colour! This bath bomb really does leave your skin feeling silky soft!

Christmas Eve bubble bar- This again being a bubble bar is used by crumbling under running water. This contains both jasmine and ylang ylang oil. This bubble bar leaves your bath a greeny blue shade once dissolved. I'll admit its not the prettiest bath bomb of them all but with it being a bubble bar and being one of the cheapest it really is worth it!

Sakura- This is available all year round but it was on sale with the rest of the christmas items so i thought i'd pick it up. This has both lemon oil and orange flower making this bath bomb quite fruity. I love the look of this bath bomb its so pretty!

Green bubbleroon- This is a citrus scent bubble bar and is  very fresh scented! containing both shea butter and coconut oil. This bar isn't suppose to be as bubbly as most of the others but contains ingredients to soften your skin.

I hope you enjoyed my lush christmas sale haul! I'm sure i have enough to last me a good while!
What's your favourite lush product?



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  2. lovely collection of bath bombs. Ive never tried them as im a shower person but i would love to try one,one day x

  3. I adore that Father Christmas and Sakura - they both look so great! x

    Everything But The Kitchen Sink

  4. Golden Wonder is my ultimate favourite, it looks like a painting in the bath it's so cute! I managed to resist the lush sales, but I'm sure I'll be back to buying their full price offerings when I'm back over in Liverpool on Thursday!

    Sammy xo.

  5. I love lush too! I have a few of the same christmas time ones and I haven't tried them out just yet but reading this review made me excited to use them! Great post! :)

  6. the Golden Wonder looks the cutest!!! I just love the way they create their products and the smell!


  7. Great haul, I've had the sudden urge to try Lush products out, might have to soon xx

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  9. Christmas eve is one of my fave lush christmas bubble bars x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

  10. Looks like you picked up some great bits! My all time fave Lush product is the Sugar Scrub - heaven!


  11. Luxury lush pud is def one of my faves!
    I'm gutted I didn't keep trying to get items in the sale, After so many errors I gave up x


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