Sunday 18 January 2015

#BatisteSOS kit

Batiste conditioning mist, batiste dry shampoo and batiste plumping powder
denman compact hair brush
Kallo breakfast thins, little miracles drink
Code beauty mascara, st moriz instant tan
truly radiant toothpaste
Did you know that 19th January is the most depressing day of the year? Well you do now! I didn't know either until i saw batistes new campaign! Batiste want to change this from being the most depressing day of the year by giving you the chance to win a batiste SOS kit to brighten up the most depressing day!
Want to know how to get involved? From monday Batiste will be running competitions over on there twitter page all you have to is tweet batiste at @Batistehair and tell them why you need a boost including the #batisteSOS hashtag ( make sure you include it in your tweets for a chance to win)
As you can see the SOS kit contains so many amazing products all of which are displayed above! i'm so excited to start using all my new goodies!

Make sure you don't tweet before Monday as they won't be considered to win!

Will you be entering to win?



  1. I never knew that the 19th was meant to be the most depressing day, that's...depressing! Haha this set looks great, definitely going to be entering!
    Loves! Kirstie

  2. This looks great, perfect for pepping you up on the most depressing day of the year!


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