Monday 20 October 2014

Alchemy oils

I recently received Alchemy grapefruit hair remedy which is a blend of 5 oils which are created in order to strengthen your hair and all round keep your hair in good condition. I quite like the packaging of this product as its simple yet effective but isn't great for travelling due to the bottle being glass.
This product comes in at £17.99 for a 100ml bottle which personaly i think it reasonable for an oil based hair product.
This product is to used on wet hair from root to tip after leaving for at least 20 minutes wash your hair as normal. I love the scent of this product as it isn't to overbearing but leaves a lovely fruity smell to your hair.
I found you really don't need to use a lot of this product as it can leave your hair looking greasy if too much product is used (which i did the first time) a little of this product goes a long way!
After using this product my hair felt extra soft, light and bouncy for those factors alone i would definitely recommend this product!


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  2. I've always been suspicious of oil treatments, but recently I did a homemade coconut oil overnight treatment, and it left my hair feeling amazing, so it's good to know there are products like this out there for when I can't be bothered to whip it up myself ;) I bet it smells amazing with the grapefruit oils! x


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