Thursday 4 September 2014

My birthday weekend in London

Our suite for the weekend 

The main bedroom 
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Covent Garden

View from the bedroom window 

Cannel by London ZOO

Cutest Chinese resturant 

The cutest penguins

Penguins swimming under water

London Eye

River Thames
London Bridge 

Sorry for the photo heavy post but i couldn't help but share my favourite photos of my weekend in London, i recently went to celebrate mine and my twin sisters 18th birthday and we had an amazing time. We stayed in the Hilton hotel in Westminster in a suite which was incredible it even had two mac computers in the room! It's away from the hussel and bussel of London with a tube station right around the corner.
While we were in London we also visited London Zoo which was amazing the penguins were my favourite i just loved watching them swim under the water i could of watched them all day!
We also visited London bridge late at night and i was just in ore of how amazing it looked and how pretty a bridge could look! The houses of parliament were also round the corner from the hotel which were lovely to explore as through my many trips to London I've never had the chance to. I absolutely loved my weekend in London and i can't wait to return soon 




  1. Those pictures are beautiful ! I wish I could go to London ... Hope you had an incredible time and happy belated birthday :)

    Andrea //

  2. This looks like such a wonderful weekend and happy late birthday to you and your twin!

  3. I love London so much, you're photo's make me want to go back right now! Happy belated birthday, it sounds like you had a great trip :) x
    Messing With A Dreamer

  4. I really want a weekend away in London sometime, hopefully children free. Your photo's look great and I love the look of the Chinese resturant, very Chinese themed down to the outside Deco and look of the building. Happy belated birthday x

    Kate | A British Sparkle

  5. I love London so much, gorgeous photos Happy belated Birthday it sounds like you had a great trip xx

  6. omg penguins!! I love penguins, I always get way too happy when I see them at the zoo lol Happy belated birthday! :)


  7. Lovely pictures! I really love London, and these makes me want to go back there asap :) Happy birthday! xx

  8. Looks great :) I bet you had an amazing time :)

  9. once again, lovely photos. I can't wait to come to England.. seriously just wanna move there. alas, I need to save 100,000 US dollars if I'm going to try to survive there. I heard everything is so much more expensive... eekk!

    Arianne |

  10. beautiful photos! I am going to London on my 21st so this has got me excited! x

  11. Beautiful weekend and beautiful pictures!!
    Happy Birthday!! xx



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