Monday 26 May 2014

Result time facial kit

The lovely people at resulting sent me samples of their complete facial set and i couldn't wait to give them a try! This consisted of a Collogen gel, cleansing cream, pealing mask, resurfacing mask and eye cream. As a whole this set is great as it really does feel like you get something for every part of your face leaving your face feel revitalised. My favourite product out of the set would have to be the resurfacing mask after using it my face felt extra soft and smooth and left my skin looking a lot healthier another plus of this product is the smell which as it's a fragranced product. Another one of my favourites would have to be regenerating collagen gel which is designed to stop your skin froma ageing left my skin feeling hydrated which trust me is hard for my skin! It also appeared to relax my skin leaving an overall great finish to my skin. Overall I love these products and would defiently recommend trying them I'd your looking to treat yourself to new skin products. 
You can find them on 
                                     What is you favourite skincare product? 

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