Friday 11 April 2014

Sweets, sweets and more sweets

Sweetie candy co
When I came home after a long day and was welcomed by this huge parcel on my door step I had no idea what it was! When I opened the box I was far from disappointed. I'm a massive sweet lovley and these completely satisfied my sweet tooth. These are perfect for parties, thank you presents and hen and stag do's! 

These comes are filled with sweets which can be customised with sweets of your choose and cloud to satisfy what ever the colour scheme your looking for. Persians they blue Bon Bons were my favourites! 


This tub was filled with all different kinds of sweets and look so pretty with a pink bow ontop! They were all amazing although I haven't quite made it to bottom yet.


This is perfect for things such as weddings as the center piece. The pretty flower is so cute and looks lovley as a decoration aswell as to eat! These also come in different colours which are great to suit any colour scheme. Overall I think these are amazing and I would recommend them 100%. You can check them out at on twitter at @sweetiecandyco.

                                                         What's your favourite sweet? 




  1. Oh you lucky thing! they look fantastic! the joys of being a blogger and just having to try loads of sweets to review them! I will have to check out sweetie candy co! xx

  2. ohhhh god, I shouldn't have read this! I'm in the midst of doing a workout dvd and 'get fit' regime, now I just want to run to Tesco's and buy sweets ;)

  3. Hey :) Loved this post, looks very yummy :) I have nominated you for the Liebster Award! Check out my post to see the rules and to nominate some bloggers for yourself :) xx


  5. Oooh, they look lovely. You were very lucky

  6. Oh yum! I have such a sweet tooth too, these look delishh. Thats a really nice idea to package some lovely looking sweets together as little presents xx

  7. I do love sweets! These look fab :)


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