Friday 27 January 2017

pick n melt

Being the massive candle lover that I am I was so happy to receive this amazing melt holder and lots and lots of wax melts!
Pick n Melt is a brand I hadn't previously heard of but definitely one I won't be forgetting. Selling a range of different wax melts, candles, tea lights and holders if you love candles you'll love flicking through their website.
First of all I love the packaging with the pick and mix feel its so cute and well thought out.  

The wax melt holder is quite big meaning you can put a lot of melts in the top to get quite a strong scent which is great.
I received lots of different christmas scents ( I know I'm a bit late sorry) which all smelt amazing. I love that they come in little cubes so you can easily mix scents and pick and choose how much you would like to put in with ease. 

Pick n Melt also have two different subscription packaging were you pay a certain amount each month and receive a range of different wax scents as well as a pick and mix burner to melt them in!

I would 100% recommend giving some of their products a try, you won't be disappointed!




  1. It's weird but this is THE post I wanted to see so now thank you for my new addiction

  2. This sounds amazing 💗 I love wax melts 😍

  3. These sound just amazing, I do love wax melts x


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