Wednesday 16 December 2015

zoeva brushes

Zoeva is a brand I've heard SOO much about, their known for their amazing quality brushes and affordable prices. I've been debating buying the full set for a while but I wouldn't use all of the brushes so it seemed a bit of A waste. 
Zoeva is a German brand (which I didn't know until I just so happened to find them in a drugstore in Germany) Their brushes come in both rose gold and silver, I had always fancied the rose gold but the shop didn't have any but I wasn't leaving without buying at least one.
Firstly I bought the 102 Silk Finish brush which is a foundation and mineral make-up brush. I bought this to replace my real techniques brush which I have had for quite a while, I was expecting amazing things from these brushes due to many amazing reviews and i definitely wasn't disappointed. It blends my foundation amazingly and its SO soft! I would 100% recommend trying this out!
I also purchased the Zoeva 226 smudged brush I didn't purchase this for myself I got this for my mum but I thought I'd put it in anyway. This is a eyeshadow brush use to blend eyeshadow, It's a lot more sturdy compared to the RT brushes making it easier to apply. 
I'm glad I finally got to try out the Zoeva brushes they are such good quality and they are definitely worth the money!




  1. I've asked for the Zoeva's eye brush collection for Christmas! <3 I cannot wait to try them! I'm so glad to read another good review about them!

    Montse ¦ BEAUTEUR

  2. These are so pretty! They would be so nice to try!
    xx Kenzie

  3. Really want to try out some of Zoeva's brushes they sound amazing! Love the look of the silk finish brush you chose!

    Millie x | Millies Wardrobe

  4. I read a lot of good things about Zoeva, but I'm very loyal to Real Techniques :D

    Arianne | Ayre

  5. I only have one Zoeva brush, I want more though they look amazing! x

  6. I love my Real Techniques brushes but I am so tempted to grab a few of these, especially the eye brushes as sometimes I feel the RT ones don't quite get the effect I want x

    Mollie Victoria Beauty | Blog

  7. I really want to try Zoeva!! They look so good, really helpful review XX

  8. i've just ordered some zoeva brushes! so excited for them to arrive, i've heard such great things! lovely blog x


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