Friday 11 December 2015

anubis skincare

Anubis Barcelona isn't a brand I had heard from before but skincare is something I always enjoy buying and don't mind spending more money on if it means it works for my skin. 
I recently received the Polvitaminic antioxidant cream which also came with polvitaminic cleansing mousse.
The antioxidant cream is suppose to revitalise and recover the luminosity of the skin. This is also suitable for all skin types and comes in a 50ml bottle. This cream is quite thin which I like so it isn't too heavy on the skin, I also love the smell of this product it's fresh and fruity as it contains Citrustem which comes from orange stem cells. Orange is my favourite scent so I was pleasantly surprised. 

The cleansing mousse is suppose to provide soothing and moisturising effects that will make your skin feel well straight away. The mousse left my skin feeling very refreshed and hydrated.

I've really enjoyed using both products and would definitely recommend checking them out as they have many different skincare ranges such as Mask line, total hydrating and eye contour. As well as skincare they also have a body care range and skincare for men.


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