Saturday 19 September 2015

knowsley safari park

For my birthday last month me and my sister decided to visit Knowsley Safari Park which we hadn't been to for years considering we live 2 minutes away it was about time we visited again. 
We arrived at around 12pm on a Sunday which probably wasn't the best idea as it was quite busy.
As you arrive they receive a handy map which shows were the each of the different animals are so if there are particular animals you don't fancy seeing then its easy to skip. 
It took about an hour to go around fully with the monkeys being at the end, there is the option to go through the baboons in the car or the car safe route which we decided to opt for they were incredible to watch especially the mummy caring the baby underneath or on their back . 
After we parked we then when to see the elephants and giraffes which are located 5 minutes from the car park.
Close by is also the restaurant, gift shop and plenty of rides which is handy if you're going with children. 
There is also the sea lion show which we decided not to go to. 
Overall we thought it was great the animals were just adorable and I would 100% recommend a visit especially on a sunny day!



  1. Aw I used to go here all the time when I was younger - I haven't been to the zoo in ages I want to go now :-) xx

  2. These are such great photos! It looks like you had a really fun day.

    Liza xx


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