Saturday 22 August 2015

Bruzz - Most hygienic nail brush yet?

Before trying this product I had never tried any nail brushes before, so i was excited to use this product to see how I got on! The Bruzz has antibacterial vanilla scent bristles to make your nails smell extra fresh ( although admittedly vanilla isn't a favourite scent of mine.
I used this weekly after cutting and filing my nails putting a small amount of soap and water in the brush. So far i've been loving it, the bristles are super soft and leave your nails feeling extra nourished and clean. 

The brush is very compact so is great for on the go, its very quick and easy to use making it convenient.  It also comes in three different colours which are blue, purple and black. 
The Bruzz is also dishwasher safe which I think is great ( if you have dishwasher) to make sure it throughly cleaned after each use.

Bruzz is now avaliable in boots stores for £9.99!


  1. This is not something i have ever thought of using, i do my nails all the time so it could come in handy x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave

  2. I need a new good nail brush because I don't use a great one ATM, thanks for showing this one :)

    Alice //


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