Monday 5 January 2015

My Pure: Eco tools and Inka Lipstick

Its that time of the month again when i review two products from MyPure this month i am very pleased with my picks and have been loving trying them out! 
Firstly the eco tools retractable aluminium retractable kabuki brush  i could honestly talk about this brush all day i love it! This brush is face powder or bronzer its extra soft and light as you can tell quite large in size. This brush is also retractable making it perfect for travelling as it's compact and comes with a handy lid.  This brush is also cruelty free which is perfect!
Secondly is the Inika truly organic lip tint in the shade 'candy' is great for everyday use as it's a very easy to wear shade making it worth the £15.50 price tag. This lip tint contains coconut oil and shea butter made to hydrate and protect your lips and honestly i can say after a good weeks worth of use this really doesn't dry your lips out and actually does quite the opposite, overall this product is win win for me!
MyPure offer a range of organic brands and products so i 100% recommend checking them out ( they also have 20% sale at the moment) 


  1. I've never had a retractable brush before but it's such a good idea as I hate having them loose in my makeup bag. That one looks so soft and fluffy!

    Kat x

  2. I have the Eco Tools retractable kabuki brush but mine is in silver... I don't use it much nor do I wash it much... I know, I'm bad ;)


  3. I have this Eco Tools brush (mine is also in Silver) and its about 3 years old now. No sign of wear or damage, it still looks brand new! Such a great bargain.


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