Sunday 2 October 2016

Eden's essential oils

I recently received three sets of Eden's essential oils to try. I was pretty excited about this as I've never really used essential oils before properly, but have heard of the benefits that they have.

Each oil can be used for aromatherapy, diffusers or as a massage oil ( but has to be mixed with a carrier oil first) . Each set is £7.50 for four which I think is quite reasonable, they can also be bought individually too. They can be purchase through Amazon.

Frankincense- This often has shown to reduce heart rate, anxiety and stress rates. Personally I've loved using this in the bath to relax before bed.

Lemon grass- This can be used as a air deodoriser and repair damaged hair. I've been using this to clean with as its great to get rid of bacteria.

Tea Tree - This can be used for infections and skin conditions I've always used tea tree for spots so this has definitely come in handy.

Rosemary- Good for respiratory conditions I've been boiling this and inhaling before bed to help with my asthma. It's also good for pain relief and aching muscles.

Sweet Orange- This is great for the winter weather as it can be used to combat fatigue and enhance energy level which will be great when the winter codes start to kick in!

Eucalyptus - Again this is great for cold as it helps with the sinuses as well as defending allergies which is great for me.

Sandalwood- This is used to calm containing antioxidants and helps to repair ageing. This is one of the other oils i'm yet to use but I'm looking forward to giving it a try.

Peppermint- This provides pain relief for aching muscles and is also good for insect bites so I'll definitely be taking this on my next holiday. This would be perfect for posing in the bath.

Pine Tree- Again this cane used as an air deodoriser and is good to combat common allergies.

Bergmot- This is used to help relieve anxiety and sooth the senses so would be great to use to inhaler using boiling water.

Lavender- This is suppose to help sooth, calm and reduce tension and would be good to use before going to sleep.

Cinnamon- This provides pain relief and can use by people with arthritis and can help to reduce inflammation.

As a whole the Eden's essential oils  have so many benefits which is quite good for the price. I've been loving using them so far and can't wait to get more use out of them as the winter months come around.



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  1. These all sound wonderful. I must check them out!! Do you know if they're cruelty free babe? 💋💕

    With love, Alisha Valerie. x ||


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