Sunday 11 May 2014

Scaredoo hair brush

You've probably all heard of tangle teasers which everyone seems to love, I personally couldn't see me likening a brush more than the tangle teaser or even a brush equally on the same scale. I was recently sent his brush by scaredoo who sell de triangle professional haircare brushes which look very similar the tangle teasers. I've tried these out now for a good few weeks and I have to say I love it it's. 2 in 1 so you can flip the brush to have different Brussels making it good for all hair types. It's gentle on your hair it doesn't snag and leaves you hair feeling beautifully soft, what more could you ask for in a brush? These are available in a range of different colours baby blue, salon black, pretty pink, prefect purple and sunshine yellow which I choose. 
You can find them at and on twitter at @scaredooUK
                               Would you consider buying one of these? 



  1. I have such difficult hair but have not been wowed by those tangle teasers. May need to check out this one

  2. It looks really cool! I only brush my hair when it is wet because it's really curly but I feel like this would be good for wet hair! xx Rena Kiss and Make Up

  3. I like the look of this but my tangle teaser does the job so I'm not sure I could part with more money for the same kind of thing. I can see this being really useful if your hair gets especially knotted though.

    Jaq @


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