Monday 7 October 2019

Hills Puppy Food

I/ Teddy was very kindly gifted the lovely hills Science Plan Puppy +1 food in Chicken flavour ( Teds favourite).

Ted is only 6 months old and having never having a dog before I have found the world of dog food quite overwhelming. Its important that I buy food that Ted enjoy but also contains the right nutritional value to keep him growing and healthy.

Hils Puppy food is designed to help your puppy grow big and strong containing an antioxidant formula to boost their immune system. This also caters to the needs of dogs who are nursing or pregnant which is great to. It helps to promote healthy skin and coat which is so important for me since Ted is only a puppy! Made from hight quality ingredients in easily digestible pieces to make for easier digestion Ted certainly doesn't struggle to ate the whole bowl in a second!

We slowly started to introduce the food into Teds diet and he absolutely loves it! Its all gone in a few minutes and I can rest knowing that he is getting everything he needs from his food. We have since been out and bought more food for Ted since he loves it so much.

What do you feed your dog?


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