Wednesday 31 January 2018

*Ways to treat yourself this Valentines day!

Being a single pringle on valentines day means half priced chocolate and treats for yourself! I think its always important to treat yourself ever now and then whether it be for valentines day or not, self-love is important to practice all year round but its something we often forget to do. I've put together my top five ways of treating myself when I need a pick me up or just feel like giving myself a treat because why not!

1. New Perfume- One of my favourite perfume brand has to be Clive Christian, they brand if definitely luxurious with their rare ingredients such as exotic Flora.This could be a treat for yourself or a Valentines gift for her and him if your looking for an extra special treat. Their bottles are incredible and would look amazing on a dressing table!

2. New pyjamas-  is there anything better than buying a pretty bath bomb, soaking in the bath whilst watching your favourite programme and getting out to fresh new pyjamas! When I'm wanting to treat myself pyjamas are always my go to!

3. Lipstick- Lipstick is my weakness and its definitely my go to for a treat! A new lipstick can make you feel like you can concur the world! If I want a luxurious lipstick I always go to Charlotte Tilbury! Next on my list to try is definitely a Tom Ford lipstick!

4. Treat yourself to dinner or a takeaway -  Is there anything better than going to your favourite restaurant or ordering in. Chinese is my weakness I cannot resist salt and pepper chicken. Its the perfect mid week treat. 

5.  Face masks- I love having a face mask night, relax in bed watching your favoruite netflix show (although I've run out of show to watch right now) with a face mask on. Some of my favourites are the origins face masks and the 7th heaven face masks. You cant go wrong with either of them, they make my skin feel amazing!

So there are my top 5 things to do to treat yourself this Valentines day! What is your favourite treat?




  1. This perfume looks amazing!

  2. I love this post! These are such great ideas xx

    Jamie |

  3. Definitely think I’m going to treat myself this Valentine’s Day! My boyfriend and I don’t do gifts so I’ll get one myself!


  4. I like to make cupcakes, but I don't think I'll get to that this year. We usually have a family dinner with some sort of supper chocolaty dessert.

    A Sparkle Of Grace

  5. I love this we should definitely all treat ourselves!

  6. I’m going to have to do some of these as we’re not doing anything this year. Those donuts look good!

    Tasha x


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