Saturday 1 April 2017

Technic makeup

The lovely people at Technic offer to send me some of their new products which of course I was very pleased about being the makeup lover that I am.
Technic is a brand that I have heard sooo much about but have never tried mainly because its not something I see often when I'm out shopping.
Technic has recently had a makeover to make them more contemporary which I definitely would say it has done, I love the look of the products and their packaging, overall they look really high quality.

 Technic colour correcting setting powder
I tend normally not to use setting powder as I have super dry skin but I was interested to try this out, I have been using it to set my concealer in place and through out my t zone were I tend to be less dry, I have been really liking it so far, its kept my makeup in place and didn't dry my skin out!

Technic get gorgeous highlighting powder in the shade 24 ct gold
First of all how stunning is this highlighter you could definitely mistake this for a high end product when in fact its on £3.49 which is a bargain! This is quite dark for my pale skin tone so I've been using a tiny amount or mixing in with another shade and I've loved it. Its so so pigmented and definitely gives you that pop. I definitely will be buying more of these.

Technic brown pen in the shade dark brown
Im quite fussy when it comes to the products I use in my brows as the are so scarce, this reminded me of one of those felt pens you would use in school! I used this mainly in parts were I just wanted to make my brows look thicker and to fill in the little gaps which it was perfect for.

Technic mega lash volumising mascara 
I love the brush on this mascara as its quite big which is great for when your in a rush of a morning. It gives great volume and definitely makes my lashes look longer than they are. Its really black which I like and lasted all day on my lashes without flaking or loosing much volume, I was definitely pleasantly surprised by this.

Technic eyeshadow primer for shimmer eyeshadows
As I have dry eyes I don't really use eyeshadow that much because to be honest its pretty pointless but I did try this product when I used eyeshadow and actually kept my eyeshadow in place really well. This is just for shimmer eye shadows as the product does leave a little shimmer on the eyelid but you could also use this with matte shadows to add a little shimmer to!

Overall I have been really impressed with all the Technic products which I tried they are such an affordable brand with great quality products I can't wait to purchase some and try more of their range!




  1. I bet that highlighter would look beautiful when used as an eyeshadow! x

    Jordan Alice

  2. I've never heard of technic before but I love the look of that golden highlighter 🌟

  3. I really want the highlighter it looks amazing! I've had their makeup before but it was ages ago

    Tasha x

  4. I havent tried this brand for such a long time, definitely need to give it another go! X

  5. Haven't heard of the brand before but that highlight and the liner get my fancy! ♥

    Jadirah Sarmad | Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  6. I haven't heard of technic but it's always good to read about new brands and find new products! Thanks for sharing x


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