Wednesday 31 August 2016


Crobar are snack bar which contain cricket flour which might seem like quite a strange concept but are actually rather yummy. All Crobar are also free from gluten, soy and dairy most of which are made up of a mixture of both fruit and nuts. They are very handy for on the go and a healthier alternative than a chocolate bar.

I was sent Coffee and Vanilla, Cacao, Raspberry and Cacao, peanuts all of which contained cricket flour to which is actually really good for you.
Being allergic to peanuts I was able to try this one but my mum loved it.
All of the bars are very moorish and quite filling, I quite liked having them for breakfast as I don't like anything particularly big. They are quite chewy which I quite liked. 
The raspberry an cacao was my favourite it was packed with flavours and was lovely and fruity.

I would definitely recommend giving these a try if your after an alternative to a cereal bar or looking for a healthier snack that contains protein.



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  1. Sounds nice and I love energy bars in general might give them a try 😊


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