Sunday 31 July 2016

Brush Works

Not so long ago Invogue announced their new range of beauty tools, this range includes a mini brush set, complexion sponge, face duo brush, nail clippers, curler and many more amazing products.

I recently received three items to try from the range and so far I've been very impressed.

Firstly I received the complexion sponge priced at £4.99. I've been using this sponge wet to apply foundation and I've really been enjoying it, I found it distributed my foundation evenly and quickly. It's also quite soft which I really liked as I found some of the sponges to be to hard therefore making it hard to spread the product so I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked this one.

Next up is the set of 16 compact files priced at £2.50. First up how cute are these? They are perfect for travelling or putting in your bag to use on the go (hopefully not on the train since I hate the noise) and are so cheap so you really can't go wrong, they are really good quality to!

Lastly is the duo face brush priced at £5.99 this is said to be perfect for applying, smudging, blending and shading. Personally I've been using it for concealer and highlighter for when I'm travelling. It's the perfect brush for taking on holiday as its basically two brushes in one. I love how soft the bristles on this brush are and it blends products perfectly.

I would recommend checking out beauty works products, they are great quality for an amazing price!


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  1. These are all so affordable, and sound amazing!

    Parie x


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