Friday 20 November 2015

New winter saviour!

SoreFix is a new lip cream on the market that treats cold sores at all stages, so it heals cold sores while also preventing getting any further ones. It comes in a 6ml tube making it perfect for carrying around in your bag. It also contains SPF 30 and vitamin E to keep lips moisturised. I suffer quite badly with dry lips in winter so I was quite excited to try this and so far I've been enjoying using it. Its kept my lips from being dry while being away in the cold weather.

I also received hot chocolate, yankee candles, body shop hand cream which smells AMAZING, a lush butter bear which is adorable and linidt chocolate all of which make the perfect combination for surviving winter
SoreFix is available to buy online and at Savers. Also, you can sign up HERE to receive 1 of 1,000  free tubes of SoreFix and try it for yourself.



  1. I've not actually heard of this or seen it in stores! I've just signed up, thanks for sharing the link!
    Charlotte //

  2. This sounds good, I do love a lip product that helps with sore lips because mine get so sore and dry this time of year.

    Zoe xx

  3. I love LUSH Butter Bear. It's such a lovely product!


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