Friday 8 May 2015

luster pro-teeth whitening

The Luster pro teeth whitening guarantees to give you visibly white teeth in 30 minutes! They give you two different time scales of which you can use the kit deepening on how often you want to the process each day. I have to admit the process is quite lengthy as you have to apply the whitening gel repeatedly for 30 minutes in between using the light. Teeth also have to be repeated with the whitening solution before using the rest of the kit. 
For me this isn't a big issue as long as it makes my teeth whiter! A lot of people have said that choosing the option were you do it a lot in one day rather than spreading it out has caused sensitivity so i opted to spread it out just to be on the safe side.
If your looking for a quick product this definitely isn't for you as it the process is quite lengthy but if you have the time and don't mind how long it takes then i would 100% recommend using these! I started to notice the difference in colour after using it about 15 times obvious this is going to be different for everyone depending on the colour of your teeth before use. I completely forgot to take a picture before i started using it to show the difference which i'm gutted about! I found it very easy to use after i got my head around the different stages. I love that this comes with a guide so you can track the difference in the shade of your teeth as you go along.
You can purchase this set in both boots and superdrug but its currently on fragrancedirect for £34.50


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  1. This sounds promising and its affordable too! Did you experience any increased sensitivity after using it? I'm always worried about that - thanks for sharing! xo

    Sharan |


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