Thursday 16 April 2015

The breath co

The Breath Co is a company designed to help people combat bad breath with a range of tooth paste, mouth wash and even mints. 
This tooth paste is design to, Works instantly on bad breath and controls dry mouth symptoms it also helps maintain gum health. It is also suitable for Vegetarian, Vegan, Kosher and is Gluten-Free. 
Personally i don't suffer with bad breath more than your next person but i'm always looking at new toothpastes to try that leave a long last scent on my breath especially when you know you won't be having lunch until late. This has a cool mint scent and comes out clear on your toothbrush. I do like the taste of the toothpaste as it's a lot minter ( if thats a word) than your typical Colgate and the scent does last for a reasonable amount of time.  Personally i've been really enjoying using this tooth paste and my dad does tend to get a dry mouth while at work has been loving using it and has found the mint taste lasts longer than normal and overall his breath tasted fresher for a longer period of time. 
Overall i would 100% recommend this toothpaste! It's available in boots for £8.99! 


  1. This seems like a great product to invest in. I will check this out! - Ashley

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  3. This sounds like a dream for those people who drink a hella lot of coffee (me) lol X


  4. This sounds like a great toothpaste, but i don't think i could ever justify spending £8.99 on one! xx

    Kirsty Leigh| Bloglovin'

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